More Incursion Focuses/Content

Now that Invasions are over, can we have our incursion focuses back?


It’s a real shame that no incursion ever happened in a Trig invasion zone or invasion system.

Yes pls CCP - more high sec incursion focus

Omg yes, please more high-sec Incursions

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I would like that very much, but I’m skeptical that it will. I can’t remember exactly what Kenneth Feld said (it was on a TIS episode), “something like watch this space,” but it led me to believe that CCP already has additional plans for incursions. Moreover, Gobbins told Horde to hold off on pivoting to new careers, and CCP seems to be slowly making changes to different ones (NS ratting, Incursions, Mining, Trade). Thus, I believe that all of this is part of a larger plan to bring isk faucets, ore mining, and risk to reward ratios back in line with what CCP thinks is appropriate and sustainable. Not to mention that, a lot of players think that the risk to reward ratio of incursions is broken. I disagree with that assessment, but can see how they would think that by looking at isk faucets in the MER.

Anyway +1 to more foci, but I’m not going to hold my breath. In fact, I’m hoping that things don’t somehow get worse.

P.S. I initially heard (from Tani after she cornered someone at Eve North, iirc) that someone from CCP had said that they dropped to one focus because of increased server load from Invasions. But later heard a rumor that it was done intentionally in order to encourage incursioners to engage with the new content. Now, before anyone starts going off on how stupid that is, know that this is hearsay. So who knows what the truth is.

Yeah, I understand wanting to tighten some of those isk faucets, but it feels more like less content than less isk. If they wanted to they could adjust the payouts, not reduce the things for eve players to do, as a lot of incursion runners will see less activity on EVE in general during these downtimes. And as for risk, Incursions have always had risk, both in site and with ganking. I wouldn’t mind some new content though, conduits were both interesting and profitable during invasions. I am optimistic of the future, although understandably cautious as most eve players probably are.

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