Hey guys,
I have started up a ‘Invasions’ channel on the live server. It has some basic info on what to expect. There is a spreadsheet link in the motd with more detailed information.
I will be updating the spreadsheet with live data (currently using limited sisi data) as soon as Invasions goes live. See you there!

Spreadsheet link if you don’t wish to join the in game channel.



I dont have the rudder pedals.

so the invasions are not yet live… so when then?

Now :slight_smile:

Do you ever have anything positive to say?


Actually it is rather fun. This is more like it CCP, good job!


CODE got serios concurent in Uedama ;)) []

BTW, Murzi and Yuhelia belong to different constellations. So, unlike sansha incursions , triglavian invasions are not limited to only one constellation. Not even to only one region. Hati is not in Domain, buit is affcted by same wave :wink:

Apparently, they will chaise you into low sec

Woah, those Invasion rats must he SEBO fitted to lock Heron and Sunesis with Leshak before they warp out lol

Anyone got any cheapish/low SP ship/fit suggestions - I am mainly missile/drone skilled?

Drone is no go - system effects can be up to -50 drone damage and -50 drone speed. So - no Gila. I have T3 cruiser fit from C3 WH, but it is not very cheap…

Thanks erg cz, will see what people recommend

As @erg_cz said, forget drones. Missiles can still be interesting, so look up missile boats like a Drake (lol) for perimeter systems, and maybe a Raven for foothold or the other one I forgot its name.

And if you have good Armor and Amarr HAC skills, Sacrilege !

Since you can use any hull, I believe battleships will be used over HAC here. Praxis is cheap as Drake now and have better tank / gank abilities. But it is a drone boat… Golem? or cheapier variant - Raven…

Agreed. I said Drake for the lulz I think :smile:

I guess Triglavian will have a nasty surprise when they’ll see Marauder fleets jumping on their asses :thinking:

2000 EHP/S tank is not enough

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Killed by a Logistic cruiser…

Biggu rippu

No prop mode, so I believe it was capped out. Starving vedmaks are nasty…

Praise Bob

I had passed this Pilot many times, chinokk

Very good Pilot and Eve needs more people like them.

Wonder if he fled into losec gravely damaged and fell to a gate camp of opportunistic ( and clever thinking) players sans npc.