Invasion over? Guess we won

Thanks for hyping it up for months and now only giving us 24hrs of it and having it mysteriously disappear! Guess We will wait for fall expansion…

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What are you talking about, I see 3 systems with Triglavian Invasions in right now.

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Screenshot taken just now.

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It’s a glitch. I had it too. Some people seem to not be seeing invasions, anomalies, and signatures through the new agency window. I’ve been told by ISD in rookie help chat to try dock/undock or relog.

Wots this, more hisec content for the bears ?

Beware! someone might just triangulate your position for (entertaining reasons) using that screenshot.

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Get your interceptors revved up. The Wreck Races are about to begin!
Or you can just run lvl IVs and actually be productive.

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Not everything in eve is about making the most isk you can in the shortest time, you know.


Steve, sadly the current rewards are likely to be picked up by some blighter in a ceptor. While I rather like the idea of shooting the Triglavians for fun, and it is fun, I do believe that a larger part of the hisec player base might not find this something that they will put a lot of effort into, which is a pity, and that concerns me a bit.

I had a little play around but I intend to see how it develops a bit, but in my last skirmish I did manage to pick up 26 Triglavian Survey Databases.

EDIT: I have only just noticed the lack of bounties too, which shows how uninterested I was in terms of the rewards and all that, but that is going to put a damper on things too.

PS You have to salvage the ships, took me a while to work that out :frowning: But that does create an issue with ship choice because so many utility highs were nerfed. This is making ship choice even more limited. I guess it will be bling marauders then…

PPS Another hidden reply, yay!


Yes, it’s basically an event for Farmers but they have to put more effort into it.

Like the guy above.
■■■■ Farmers.

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