So, the zenith of the invasion is... a new set of clothes




Cool, more Apparel Items to add to my collection.


I actually opened that up when I got the news - I thought that maybe our trig/edencom standing would become permanent somehow and irrevocable. Nope. Just some vanity fluff. Unimportant. Please ignore.

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When I opened it, I scrolled up and down several times wondering what else I was missing other than new apparel being described as the zenith…

It actually made me laugh. CCP is really funny with their choice of sticks and carrots - in their weird attempts to manipulate us. CCP seems amazed that the players engaged with the Triglavian invasion as much as they did. “But why?” they asked. “How is this different from the other PVE content that mostly gets ignored”

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Could also mean we can’t dock in NPC stations without positive standing. I just read the rumor in a thread on here and I’d like for someone to substantiate it.

It’s pretty sad that players have to learn about those things from rumors and not the game developers.
Does that mean I’ll have to move all my stuff at a POS since my standing with EDENCOM or Traglivians is null or below ?

Ya, tell me about it, I can’t believe they expect the outcome of this huge event they’ve been running for ages to actually play out in game instead of just posting a quick synopsis of how it’s all going to wrap up.

It’s unconscionable.

Rest assured that I have ignored it, other than adding dodgy systems to my route planner avoidance list!


CCP’s official policy seems to be to never communicate anything to their players ahead of time.

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Fixed that for you, FOC.


I hear that they tweet stuff sometimes. I’m not sure how that works.

Yes, well, if it means to be at the mercy of a bunch of screwheads who don’t want to learn how to run an MMO properly then no thanks, I’ll hold on to my cash and pay for another MMO while still enjoying EVE as an Alpha.

I can’t believe those guys play around with people’s money like that.
This year it’s “no docking without standing” and what’s it gonna be next year?
No… Too much unknowns in this game, unknowns that hit the wallet too hard to ignore.

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So basically, anyone can give you the MMO equivalent of existential anxiety just by submitting any idiotic bit of speculation as a forum post?


Basically, I do not know what to believe since CCP’s mouth is nailed shut and players don’t get info on anything… It feels like we’re playing on some jerk’s private server.

im curious about the need to evacuate Trig conquered systems immediately.

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Do as Hellmar instructs or you WILL be sorry.

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WTS: many ships and items in high-sec space ASAP. Accepting PLEX only (no other items or ISK). Good prices!

I am not a CCP employee.

It almost certainly isn;t true, and if they do decide to do it you’d get a heads up. I would pull anything you have in any of the invaded systems as they’ve suggested though:


I’d hope so.

I have nothing in any of the invaded systems.

Welcome to Eve Online, an MMO where your choices actually have consequences. Many of us love Eve because Eve is like that.

I know in standard MMOs, the choices they give you really mean nothing; and that’s why I can’t stay invested in them.

If Eve changed the way it was to make some members of the community happy, it would quickly go the way of Star Wars Galaxies…