Unhealthy event (Invasion chpt 3)

First off CCP I want to thank you for such a fun event. Not only has it brought communities together on both sides, but it is also a constantly engaging activity for all parties involved. A good blend of pve, pvp, and industry.

Past that I see this invasion and war as very taxing for both sides especially after certain point. this last week saw 4 systems in the conflict continously populate at 200+ for a whole day.

during the prime of it all ive been seeing a lot of people putting in a lot of time for a game of tug of war and i find before it even gets to the advanced stages (i.e past the first bar) that if the bar leans in on one side or the other it stays that way with people continously fighting over stalemates for 12-13 hours of the day. more so for some people.

Pro triglavian aside, and Roleplaying dropped, I am very concerned about the health of the population who is commiting to this event Both triglavian and edencom. At some points it becomes almost reminescent of Absolute Virtue From Final Fantasy XI when servers were trying to tasckle this monumental monster.

People were getting sick pushing their bodies to the extreme not only because poping the monster was a challenge in and of itselfe but trying to figure out the mechanics had them banging their heads on the wall WHILE They were in the middle of thse 12hr engagements with the monster. I can see that starting to take its toll on both forces.

Please CCP You are doing good but the continuation and well being of capsuleers and kybernauts across the cluster are in your hands!

I leave this article here when Absolute virtue made Global headlines

Im a hardcore gamer and i think the mechanics of this new invasion are still not fully understood, the rewards for fighting pro trig are starting to look scant as the weeks continue, and the amount of time edencom and triglavians stay engaged while seeing little to no progress over long spans of time is starting to affect us all i would think. If anyone has anything they wish to contribute please do



:red_circle: Most likely it doesn’t even matter because which systems Trigs can get and which Edencom can secure are already predetermined.


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The dog that wants it the most gets the bone. Deal with it.


if so then all the more reason for ccp to try and maintain a healthy population…

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while that motto makes sense. it should not be at the cost of real human being health. especially for digital pixels.


you’re talking ■■■■■■■■, trying to make your point using silliness. Apparently people as a whole have no problem with it, some folks might grow tired which is fine then others will fill that gap.


well you dont speak for the populace as a whole, it’s not silly to care about another humans health regardless if they think they are ok, and i hope ccp would have our health in mind. Considering they said this event is going to go on for 7 months.

I’m sorry you have no compassion for your fellow capsuleer and kybernaut.


I don’t HAVE to: The fact that these fights continue to happen is proof that people are ok with it, otherwise they wouldn’t happen. So it seems my point is more realistic than yours.

The stupidity of people is not something CCP can or should fix.


it’s not about stupidity though, It’s about the compassion and effort gamers put into playing a game they enjoy and having a corp abuse that to unhealthy levels (note im not saying ccp encourages unhealthy gameplay but they certainly dont dis-encourage the behaviour either)


What the OP is trying to say is that it doesn’t suit him personally, and now he’d like everyone else to adjust to that please thank you.

As a sidenote: I’ve been checking your recent posting history, it’s full of idiotic things like this meaning there’s no point to discuss anything as one can’t fix stupidity.

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I don’t even understand what this thread is about. Is he saying that it’s not within people’s self responsibility to not play computer until they’re exhausted? I’m also definitely not going to read stuff written by people who don’t even play this game.


My previous posts are irelevant and those that are in regards to the event ive been refining what i type. i am not the best writer and i dont practice it often so yeah sometimes my structure and objective biasness is there. thats why i am taking the time to write more structured posts.

Please dont put words in my mouth i never said such things. I just want to make sure everyone is healthy while playing this game and are rewarded for such healthy gameplay. instead of only being rewarded for unhealthy gameplay.


Someone’s history is never irrelevant.

My wallet hopes this war isnt over by xmas

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im saying the current structure of the event does not support healthy gameplay. it’s either full tilt one side or full tilt the other side. there are no inbetweens. the inbetweens always result in 12-14hour engagements in a system with little to no breaks for either side in order to maintain things. Id go into detail about my experiences but people like @Magnus_Cartamight will come in and say im just being pissy for trig side to win or something.

I’m pretty sure that his words are not preventing you from typing your own words and fearing his reaction to your words, as he reads them on his screen, is irrational and borderline stupid. People are only ever letting themselves be forced to a reaction.

So go ahead. Pour it all out for us.

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That much was clear after a day or two.

Here’s the thing; nobody’s forcing you to maintain things. You can leave any time you like. It’s not as if you’re losing out on some fabulous reward, either, 'cause there isn’t one. People are supposed to come and go during these fights for control of the system, nobody has to stay for the duration. You can if you like, and then the next day you get to act like an adult and say “phew, not doing that again tonight.” There won’t be any epic boss loot, and the event won’t reset if a couple of participants leave. Most importantly, though, it’s just a game.


Sasieko: We enter the system 75% pushed as we all came off of trying to siege Eygfe (was a sucess we didnt expect to win but we wanted to see how hard a redoubt was and the star color supposedly matched what the trigs wanted). During full peak even a slight break meant ticks in enemies favor. fastforward to AUTZ we have numbers to keep pushing a little and we are now the majority presence in system you would think at this point we would make some ground. but even maximixing all our efforts over a 5hr span only say a increase in 3% triglavian favor.

The amaar edencom npc’s are making the push without much effort from friendly side. and we are hitting high prioty objectives (from the collectives side)
couple hours later our numbers drop (still promenent force in system) we refocus our objectivs to just keeping the bar from moving edencom favor and still even with hitting high priority targets we start to lose ground and then game over,

FC’s leading these groups to keep them organized are putting in 5-6 hour days (like work) to ensure we keep new people learning the content educated and our groups goals in line. if we arent there then no one forms up and systems fall.

ya know i can imagine thats what its kinda like on the edencom side too. and its very stressful to think that it only takes one burnout and a disinterest of people to lose systems.

especially if there is no incentive (rp aside there is no incentive for triglavians right now). We get -1 systems with nothing changing in them we dont even get a continous access to the highest quality ore we’ve seen in flashpoints. Salvaging gets done in fleets but its up to the salvager if he even wants to payout the group from his profits. if we dont have a salvager then a lot of money goes out the window for us all as if we stop to profit the ticks slow down and the bar starts moving again.

meanwhile Edencom has new ships, new weapons, LP, salvage, LP is the biggest thing imho they get passively rewarded for their efforts that they can collect on later without having to stop their steam

idk theres prolly more i can point out but thats pretty much sums it up

The level of commitment by the playerbase to ensure a victory for either side is oftentimes determined by the npcs fought and presence of people in the system within 12-14 hours after spawning. with a lack of rewards on triglavian side im just not feeling the fun of this event past (insert RP) GLORIFICATION!

My concern for everyones health during this event has been on the forefront of my mind and i just want to make sure everyone is having a healthy, fun constructive time blowing ships up, and having meaningful roleplay while being rewarded for it.