War weary

CCPlease tell me im not fighting for nothinggggg!

might be a complaint but i have been actively helping the triglavians for almost 2 weeks now and with no end in sight im just wondering if we, the kybernauts get to have a slight taste of the carrot on the end of the stick? null sec is nice and all but i need something i can cheewwwwwwwww onnnnnn

Reminds me of the Absolute Virtue fight from ffxi.

this much grinding is unhealthy but i cant stahp cause i gotta see it through CCP!!!


What are you muppet even talking about? You have had EC to farm like crazy in the past. You have trig abyss space to turbo farm. You even have null sec islands in high sec space now where you can farm unsuspecting people like they are being delivered on a conveyor to the slaughter machine. In addition, you do not even lose any single benefit of high sec space. How much more of a carrot do you need if you don’t even see the carrots that are in front of your ugly face.

Learn some perspective, you ungrateful little piece of triangle dung.


You are fighting for nothing. CCP has already determined the outcome of the event, all you can do is pretend to “help” either side and maybe choose which specific systems are flipped (but none of them will have any meaningful impact). Save yourself the frustration and go back to farming normal PvE content.

You get systems flipping to “lowsec” while in them, allowing you to enjoy a slaughter of epic proportions.

How is THAT nothing???

And lol at people who, after a week, already manage to conclude it’s wrestling and not real.

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while i enjoy low/null sec (being as thats where i lived a lot) it really hasnt been all that fascinating or peaking of my interest.

typical edencommie, boot so stuck on throat you ok with the norm. its about enjoying the content. there is new content out. it’s been a week, mechanics have already stagnated for one side imho. i just need some steak with my main course, not this constant appetizer.

:red_circle: Funny guy. You get null sec systems to farm players and structures, while edencom just gets to preserve the status-quo after the same kind of farming (and in addition edencom sabotages logistics with their cyno jammers in low sec :joy:). Talk about entitlement.

Some might say fighting is the purpose in and of itself. (see; RvB foreverwar)

In any case - Dial down the whinge, traitor, you aren’t fighting for nothing regardless. Weeding out traitors who reveal themselves is something. Congratulations.

Your lot is lucky I’m not in charge at good ol’ PAccp…in keeping with the EvE principle of “choices have consequences” that seemed to have been more prevalent, you’d all be permanent outlaws with more consequences than just a -10. Hunted permanently by (killable, not like present concord) npc would make for more interesting overall gameplay.


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