A message to all Triglavian Invasion players

Hello there,

I am Jesoph Swolin from Ushra’Khan, a fleet commander for EDENCOM, and I am writing to all EDENCOM and Triglavian players about something important.

Since I heard about the Trig invasions and came out of the Amarr-Minmatar Faction War zone to help people, I have noticed a disturbing trend on both sides. That trend, dear reader, is that there is a fair amount of people who frequently ignore their body’s need for sleep in favor of doing 8 to 18 hour shifts in fleets for the sake of pushing the bar. Today, whilst discussing this, one person brought up the idea of using Methamphetamines in order to keep going.

Whilst Pyrolancea is great, I think that if people are considering using IRL combat drugs from the second world war, things are probably getting a tiny bit out of hand.

Accordingly, I reached out to the Kybernaut leadership in order to discuss the option of a joint PSA. Leon agreed that this behavior is not healthy, told me to post something, after which we’d link it to both sides.

So here we go:

Regardless of whether you are a high-sec player defending your home system, or a player who picked a side for RP reasons, or a player who was bored, or a player who is just in it for profit, regardless of whether you are fleeting up as a DPS, Logi, Prober, Salvager, Puller or anything in between, regardless of how dramatic the fleet ping announcements sound, please remember that whilst your character is a post-human demigod who can’t be killed and has millions, billions or trillions of ISK to their name, you yourself are still Human. You only get one (1) clone body and once it starts to deteriorate, there’s no guarantee that it can be fixed regardless of how much ISK, implants or drugs you spend on it.

For this reason, please make sure to:

  • Go to sleep at a sensible time and sleep for eight (8) hours.
  • Eat regularly and healthily.
  • Stay hydrated.
  • Don’t ignore your friends, family, bae and IRL responsibilities.

Otherwise, we are going to see more incidents like these:

  • People going boom because they were too tired to remember to broadcast for reps.
  • People going boom because the Logi fell asleep behind their keyboard (again).
  • People going boom because the DPS commander was tired enough to primary a player, people were tired enough to follow it and CONCORD said no. (PS: Safeties green in HS)

To those who join fleets:
Fleet commanders, regardless of side, appreciate your efforts, but it must be said that you are far more useful to us when you are functioning optimally, and that burning yourself out to flip one system is not helpful if it entails that you are going to be burned out or completely zombified for the next five. Take care of yourselves.

To those who lead fleets:
Please don’t encourage your members to continue past their limits. Instead, please encourage them to dock up or drop fleet if they have to do IRL stuff. Potentially, remind them to look at the clock every so often. Please vocalize your support for this message and spread it around, so we can keep things fun and competitive without people torturing themselves for a percentage tick in a videogame. Only you can stop overzealous pilots.


I can confirm that you NEED to think about yourselves here. Please play responsibly, sleep, food, drink and Real Life is more important than a video game.

Good post Jesoph, and well said.


In line with Jesoph and Buhhdust, I’m the third one (coincidence? lol) that would like to voice their direct agreement with this post.

Not sleeping and taking the game for more than what it is – a game – results in people being mean-spirited to each other and ruining it for everyone.

As for eating healthily, I just wanted to leave this here for folks to get some ideas for tonight, tomorrow night, or whenever. :smile:


Drink water


Guys, as much we love shitposting each other off because…roleplaying

We only have one life in REAL LIFE, yes Niarja is important, but so is your lifestyle and no system it’s worth destroying your life.


Let’s face it, the EVE community is hard core. We have stories of all night grinds, strat op alarm clock ops deep into the night/morning. Skipping out from work for a couple hours for a timer or to kill a super. And yes, once in a blue moon that’s even fun. The kind of fun that’s more fun in stories than it was in 90% TiDi.

However, 12-18-24+ hour grinds are not sustainable. We need to disconnect after a while and trust in our fellow pro-EDENCOM / pro-Trig players to keep the push going in our absence. Real Life must come first, site/swarm fleet will still be there when you come back, rested, to F1 those pesky Imperial/Raznaborg red cross and catalyst the hell out of the other side.


As Director of EDI, I am glad to have an FC such as you with us. Thank you!


As a “line member” who often gets roped into logi-ing for long hours and staying with the fleet because they ‘need’ me (not complaining, I’ve never pushed myself past what I’m able to do). I also agree with the sentiment; If you’re in a fleet that cant adjust to you setting limits for yourself, your FC and your other members shouldn’t be in the positions they are and you shouldn’t be flying with them. There are always other options and strategies a fleet can employ, even when down to bare minimum numbers.

Eve is a game. If a system flips or fails, that’s unfortunate but it can be adjusted for. Neglecting yourself, your family or your significant others however can have far more dire consequences.

No FC likes to make the call to stand down, but it’s a considerably better choice than pushing members past reasonable limits. This content is very grindy and both sides have acknowledged it, and generally been very good sports towards one another about it.


I will sleep when I’m podded.



Being sensible is fun and all but it is a luxury which is hard to afford. Liminal systems are once only situations with no takebacks and everyone is needed.

As for being nice to opponent and thinking this is merely a game then I ask: what the actual f…k?

Pro-trigs support a half-baked and unplaytested “content” (as in content of ones bowels) which we were cursed and which has already resulted in traditional groups displaced, long standing corps getting their assets lost and one entire FW zone becoming a collection of Bantustans.

When can we expect low-sec to suffer similiar things that peoples favourite camping systems like Tama suddenly turn to highsec systems with CONCORD? Or does CCP have their tongue too deeply in the buttocks of nullbears and “elite pvp” crowd?


People take EVE way too seriously. You’re playing a video game, shooting pixels at other pixels for some fun.

If you feel that you’re past your limits, log off. Screw what the FC or director or anyone else says, if they bad mouth you for logging off because you’re tired or hungry or your SO is breaking down the door, they can eat a dick.

Niarja is important in the virtual world of EVE, it’s meaningless in real life.


Eve is actually part of real life. Technically.

the minmatar is right , don’t do drugs mkay , drugs are bad , and don’t ■■■■ your health irl because of a game , omg dudes are you guys crazy , get some sleep, drink some water , have some friends , for god sake
hey >>>>>>>>>> back to rens

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Also please do keep in mind that while the struggle may be fun, and may seem important and consequential at this time, the Trig Invasion process is inherently unbalancing to the game.

Partially this is because it’s changing travel routes and game features like FW, partially it’s because of the way the Edencom/Trig points in a system are worked out. Mostly it’s because in any system where an Invasion occurs, all current Hi-Sec holdings by players become at risk of loss. There is no comparable risk of losing an entire’s systems worth of holdings in a short period for a Trig player.

So keep in mind that after your struggles, after your hard-fought, body-denying, titanic efforts to fight for your side and your goals… CCP is likely to come along and “yank the carpet out from under you”. It is, after all, the Age of Chaos, and CCP is more than capable of ending a season where things changed too much and got out of control with a cop-out “but it was all just a dream” meme.

So keep it in perspective, because everything you fight for today can be negated by one executive decision at CCP.


If only CCP had done it so that Caldari systems would not plummet the % if you take any break whatsoever (see Passari) and then try to cheat people with outright lies that “yeah, we buffed NPCs so it is all ok. Dont mind us that we hit Caldari proportionally more than others because want to force population redistribution”.

But I guess they assume people whose game experience is screwed over with systems turning from highsec to nullsec in less than 24h happily continue paying to be spoonfed exrement by CCP.


This. I for one am looking forward to the high-low systems with one entry pipe flipping to high sec. CCP do this and show the casual players and their wallets that they actually mean something to you and do to the l33t pvpers (campers and f1 monkeys) what you’ve done to the casual player.

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I don’t know how this will play out, or what more CCP has in store for us, but New Eden feels very alive right now. In fact, CCP has managed this a couple times this year, which is amazing after so many years of making change after change that just produced more boredom and stagnation.

They really are shaking things up and only the most bitter vet, or self-interested farmer, can fault them for trying. Their changes aren’t perfect, but man, the errors in execution are more than made up for by the audacity of the changes.

Congrats on finding your cojones again CCP. Keep being brave a following your vision of the game, and keep resisting your unattractive forays into milking the farmers and whales of the the world. We know they have money, but really, your game is so much better when it is dynamic and challenging, rather than one that sells progress and tries to make everyone a winner.


Anybody who is willing to fry their brain to play this game should be given license to have all the drugs they want.


All the pro-trigs may sleep as long as they want.

But High Sec must be saved. :sunglasses: