The Triglavian Invasions: Getting connected

In the wake of Niarja falling, I have seen a lot of people coming out of the woodwork to complain about the effects the Triglavian Invasions have on high security space. Most of these people had absolutely no idea what was going on. Many of them thought that this was an NPC thing in which players did not have any influence. Today, I am addressing you to correct some of these notions by means of a Q&A format.


  • Q: What is going on?
  • A: Capsuleers did Abyssal content. The Triglavians got upset. They are now invading Highsec and Lowsec to annex solar systems.


  • Q: What are the long-term consequences?
  • A: Some systems have suns that the Triglavians can meddle with. These are called Liminal systems. Information we have at the moment indicates that if the Triglavians achieve total control over these systems, they will eventually cut them off from the rest of New Eden. No jump gates, wormholes or cynos. We base this long-term outcome on trailers, scope videos and conversations with CCP staff. This information holds true for Liminal systems. We have no idea what will happen to Minor Victory systems once this is over.


  • Q: In mechanical terms, how is this happening?
  • A: When the Triglavians invaded, they petitioned Capsuleers for support. A fair number chose to support the Triglavians. These Capsuleers are known as “Kybernauts”. At the same time, EDENCOM also petitioned Capsuleers for support. These Capsuleers are known as “Loyal Capsuleers”, but since no one likes many syllables, they are referred to as “EDENCOM”. Over time, both sides formed a community consisting of various groups which fight for one side of the other. When a system is invaded, the Kybernauts will choose which system they want to drag into the embrace of Abyssal space. The loyal Capsuleers will then run after them and try to stop them. Within an invaded system, there will be a bar, which shows you how strong the control of both sides over that particular system is. There are two ways that Capsuleers move that bar. The first is running sites. In theory there are multiple kinds of sites with incrementally increasing difficulty, since it was originally designed as PVE content. In practice both sides see this for the war it is. Consequently both sides aim to grind the easiest sites as fast as possible because this is cheaper and pushes the bar more for every second spent in those sites. Both sides also use Logi to heal the NPCs the other side are trying to kill in order to slow them down or halt them completely. The second way Capsuleers affect the outcome is by probing down Triglavian/EDENCOM fleets that are roaming through the system, warping to them and destroying them. This then results in a hellish grind which can last up to three days involving hundreds of players on both sides fighting around the clock via force rotation.


  • Q: Isn’t that horrible?
  • A: On paper, yes. In practice, both sides have a vibrant community with lots of people from Highsec, Lowsec, Nullsec and Wormhole space all working together to achieve a common goal and try to have as much fun as possible in the process. When EVE gives you lemons, make lemonade.


  • Q: How can I get in touch with one of the sides of this war?
  • A: See below.

Ingame Channels:

  • EDENCOM: EDI-Public
  • Kybernauts: The Triglavian Community


Discord Servers:

26 May 2019 - EVE Online - Invasion Cinematic Trailer:

12 December 2019 - The Scope - Triglavian Developments & Fighting in Hek:

20 May 2020 - The Scope - EDENCOM Prepares For Triglavian Invasion:

6 June 2020 - The Scope - Raravoss Conquered By Triglavians:

16 July 2020 - The Scope - Total War Rages In New Eden:


Because not being willing to do a boring grind for unhealthy numbers of hours to affect an unrecoverable system means you are a bad person and shouldn’t complain about abusive game design and just need to be more dedicated?

Remember that FC from Edencom who made that post about taking care of yourself? Yea, he stayed up extra hours the night of Niarja. This system is garbage and should be called out as such.


Just because the system is bad doesn’t mean you get to complain when your side loses from not working hard enough


Expecting garbage to get off their seats, stop whining, and take action to improve their situation? Now that’s some optimism right there.


The sad thing is that all these whiners used to spend their time whining about other players ganking them. Now they are just complaining about a couple of systems that have hostile NPCs in them. I consider this a big step down in terms of forum tears.


Yeah I remember that because that is my main character. This was my courier toon who occasionally Han Solo’d low m3 high value items through null in an instawarping Ares. Had to start FCing on a character that isn’t in Faction Wars so the Logi wing don’t get themselves concorded by using me as a drone bunny when some Calmil player stops by.

Everything I said here still applies:

That said, I got forty winks in between my two FC shifts in Niarja and had a long, long rest after it went Final Lim.

I do however fully agree that this content encourages extremely unhealthy player behaviour and whilst I believe that players and FCs have a responsibility to curb that, CCP really, really isn’t doing us any favours.


Ah yes, either blow the whistle or drink the kool-aid!
Looks like the finality of inevitability to me…


Ideally both. Save your home systems whilst continuing to remind CCP that people are ■■■■■■■ themselves over this content.

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See, this is my problem with invasion content - speaking as someone that takes part in invasion content quite casually - I like what Invasion brings to the table, Niarja being lost to me, is a good example at how much of a big deal this content can be in changing the landscape of this game world.

I like how this is shaking things up so far, but My problem is that the content itself is very repetitive and really, shitty when you get too many people involved on one side, running out of sites and NPCs to shoot, one side’s NPCs being too weak to fight and making this clogged effort worthless.

Terrible payouts mind you, payouts that get worse and worse the more people you call to action.

The invasion content to me, needs more actual content in it and maybe shouldn’t be afraid of rewarding people a little bit more to make the actual grind with it. Why not allow players to donate ore to their faction’s little mining stations in their respective stages?




Maybe if Saltcom do something, instead of be like Nala, and complaining about evrything, they might save spank state from is demise

:red_circle: Last i remember that Avesber system … Oh wait…

That went down well.


eh…it’s a loss we can take, walmart caldari is alwasy open to the collective

:red_circle: Yes, certainly is. I wonder when their NPC get improved to the standards of the other Empires … Oh wait, we are talking about CCP, they will likely nerf the other NPC down to the caldari level. :face_vomiting:


they actualy buff the caldari and nerf a bit amarr

:red_circle: EM resists are not a buff for an NPC race that cannot apply damage, cannot use their ewar, has no support for their used weapons and uses split weapon types, one of which with terrible application. As said, we are talking about CCP.


that is caldari type of warfare

:red_circle: Speaking of which … How many newbie systems have Caldari left? If this continues, they will run out of schools. :smiley:


So far, everyone in this thread is whining while pretending they’re not.

Bless your little hearts.

:red_circle: What else do you want to do when you are blessed with incompetent developers like CCP? A developer who messes up even the simplest of aspects of their beautiful treasure they keep boasting about so much. With these Invasions, CCP behaves like these bribing celebs in the US that slid some money over the counter to get their reject into the crowd.