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In the wake of the first tangible signs that the Triglavian Invasions are coming to an end, there has been bilateral communication between the leadership of the EDENCOM-aligned Capsuleers and the Triglavian-aligned Capsuleers. The invasions have seen players on both sides invest titanic amounts of time and effort, regardless of which side they were on. One of the things the leadership on both sides immediately noticed was that people who fulfilled roles which were absolutely vital for achieving victory did not receive any standings. I speak of course, of the Logi, Combat Probers and Salvagers. The leadership on both sides want the people who served to be acknowledged. This holds true regardless of whether you were fighting to protect New Eden or to help the Triglavians carve out a place to live in normal space.

For the version issued by the Kybernaut leadership, see here:

Having informed you about the purpose of this thread, I will now turn to address the EDENCOM-aligned Capsuleers.

When Chapter 3 began, the ramifications became clear, and people first started banding together, we were a loose collection of parts all trying to find the best way to organize and fight back. This has not been an easy process, and there was many a butting of heads. Today, we are proud to say that in the months since, we have watched the community develop into a force capable of fielding a somewhat unified doctrine, deploying to newly-invaded systems rapidly and defending them succesfully around the clock. This might not seem like much at first, until people realize that the community consisted of people from all parts of New Eden. I have seen newbros in T1-fitted frigates fighting alongside Alliance Tournament winners. I have seen Brave Coalition members fighting alongside Goons. I have seen Amarr/Caldari militia players fighting alongside Gallente/Minmatar militia players. And regardless of how much people argued with one another internally, the moment an invasion kicked off, everyone dropped what they were doing, saddled up and rode out to save local players who they never even met. In the past few months I have seen a lot of people complaining about the damage these invasions have caused to New Eden, but I know for a fact that without heroes like you, it would have been much worse.

As such, on behalf of the people of Highsec and Lowsec, and as a representative of the council of Senior Fleet Commanders, I thank you for your service, and suggest that you ask your corp leader to create the following medal and issue it to the players who deserve it:

Remember that once your CEO has issued the medal to your character, you still have to go into Character Sheet -> Character -> Decorations -> Permissions in order to change the visibility setting of the medal from Private to Public. Then you must click “save”, like so:

Whilst we do not know what chapter 4 will bring, specifically whether it is going to continue being a hellish 1-3 day grind to save systems from being permanently sucked into Abyssal Space, I want you all to know that I greatly admire you all for the hours you put in. An FC is nothing without a fleet, and everyone counts. Regardless of what the future brings, it was an honour to serve alongside you.

Thank You


This reminds me of the Alliance Tournament medal I have in my bio from back in the day when CODE. won the tournament undefeated. Good times :sunglasses:

I mostly just flew logi ships, but my activity dropped off due to RL health issues.

CCP have given out medals to people in the past, for FW stuff. Should be able to do a database operation to select the characters that gained Edencom or Triglavian standings between X and Y dates, and award a decoration to them.

Don’t worry. We got this.


Problem with that is that many pilots that served as purely logistics or salvage did not acquire EDENCOM standing, despite being invaluable to our operations.

As such, using standing is a poor metric for who actually stepped up and helped.


For those people who are in NPC corporations or otherwise have no way of receiving this medal. The Torchwood Institute opens it’s doors to you temporarily.

We will accept corporation applications from any known EDI ally for the purpose of dispensing this medal at no cost to you. Once we’ve issued the medal to you, we will then remove you from the corporation.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. Otherwise, if you’re interested apply to The Torchwood Institute with the message “EDI Medal” as your application.

EDIT: I should note only known EDI pilot applications will be accepted. If your application was rejected and you flew with one of our fleets, contact the FC you flew with to verify the validity of your application.

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I flew many time, how do we get the metal?

You have to ask the leader of your corporation to create it and issue it. If you are in an NPC corp, seek the help of one of the corps that flew with EDI and join that one temporarily.

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