Official issuing of the EDENCOM Service Medal

Fellow Capsuleers, dear Baseliners,

In recent days, we have seen an abrupt cessation of Triglavian invasion attempts. This empiric observation, in combination with certain tidbits of information which I am not at liberty to share, leads us to believe that the Triglavians may have shifted their strategy towards consolidating their gains. Whilst there is no tangible guarantee that this is the end of the conflict, the council of Senior Fleet Commanders of the EDENCOM Defense Initiative has decided that this lull in the fighting is as good a time as any to acknowledge the efforts of all who rallied to defend New Eden.

In the past months we had to create a force capable of deploying to any invaded system within the hour, with sufficient strength to aid local defenders in repulsing the invaders. The people who stepped forward had very little in common. They hailed from all regions and allegiances in New Eden. Some had no prior combat experience. Others had a long and storied history of fighting one another. Despite this, and in no small part thanks to Amarrian, Caldari, Gallentean and Matari combat veterans sharing their wisdom, our organization managed to become what it had to be.

It is my duty and privilege to announce that in order to honour these efforts, we are issuing one unified service medal. It is our hope that everyone who deserves the award will receive it from their leadership. In order to ensure that everyone will receive broadly the same medal despite the informal and international character of the organization, we have decided to make the specifications for the manufacture of the medal publicly available.

On behalf of the EDI SRFC council,
M. Tereven


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