TTI Medal of Glorification Proving

Good afternoon pilots of New Eden.

Following the complete achievement of all Triglavian objectives set out during the invasion, the leadership of TTI have designed a medal to commemorate all sobornost Kybernauts involved in this momentous event in EVEs history. I can safely say that all who receive this medal have proven themselves true allies of the Collective and should wear it with pride. You have all worked tremendously hard to achieve what many thought was impossible.

Below is posted the medal template for you or your CEO to use, ensuring we might all proudly show our involvement in this heroic undertaking

EDENCOM have also released a medal template which can be found here


Looking forward to seeing these about the cluster :slight_smile:

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Congratulations to all sobornost Kybernauts. Glorification achieved.


Zorya is with us

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Glorified in the Flow

This medal commemorates the successful liberation of the ancient domains by sobornost Kybernauts in YC122 and their continued support of The Convocation of Triglav and The Triglavian Collective

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Shouldnt it be a triangle shaped?

She’s right. They should be triangular though…

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