Nice Invasion Trailer CCP

(Dread Saboteur) #1

I really enjoyed it congrats to the guys that made it.Also confirmed garmur OP.

(Rivr Luzade) #2

Yay, more instancing. Wooohooo.


(Uriel Paradisi Anteovnuecci) #3

@Rivr_Luzade I mean that isn’t at all what the expansion is about, but alright.

Trig invasions will be like incursions++, where there will not only be sites to attack, but also roaming fleets of very aggressive Trig NPCs occupying the system. And if Semiki was any sort of tease, we might even be seeing these NPCs burn down player structures.

There will also be loot, including rare apparent Officer variants of EDs and Radsinks as well as new components and skills.

Also, this is Invasion Chapter 1 - there’s more to come than what you’ll see next week. I’ve put up some thoughts on what might be ahead for us in this thread.

This trailer shows a group encountering an Invasion fleet in the Abyss, as we can currently encounter the construction sites ourselves - see this whole thread.

(Rivr Luzade) #4

And I am not a fan of any of this. It is useless, no one needs it and instancing in itself is bad for EVE.

As for the potential of player structures being destroyed by the trigs: Wow. so even more annoying notification spam (as if FOBs and Sotiyos weren’t bad enough already) and in addition you may even die when you fly to your structure to man it. Not to mention that NPC potentially take over the job of the users, which used to be something that people were incredibly vocal about but these days just complacently ignore it. This is going to be such a great experience overall.

And as for the loot: Yay, even more price deterioration for incredibly powerful modules that were meant to be a rare and ultra-rewarding prize for your efforts, not something that should be available en masse on the market.

(Uriel Paradisi Anteovnuecci) #5

That’s fine, but it isn’t instanced.

I can’t change your mind if you already have an opinion, but myself and a lot of others I know are interested in getting into these and seeing how things play out, and I’ll wait to pass judgement on an entire expansion until it’s released & we actually have a chance to see how things progress - personally it all sounds very fun to me.

(Rivr Luzade) #6

Lots of things “sound” fun in theory. :innocent:

And it is very much instanced if they really shut down gates (as it was hinted from Sisi) or make entering the systems incredibly hard.

It would be fun, though, if one of the first systems that got put on Trig lock down was 1DQ1 in Delve. That would certainly change my mind on how “fun” this thing could be. Simply because it would push this activity through the worst possible usage scenario right from the start.
What’s also going to be interesting to see is whether CCP will melt the server again.

(Dread Saboteur) #7

I just said I like the trailer that’s all.

(Uriel the Flame) #8
(Rivr Luzade) #9

That wouldn’t even be new as FOB rats do that already.

(Dracvlad) #10

Awesome video, I enjoyed it.

I like the better AI of diamond FOB rats and I am looking forward to this having more of an impact on the game, something that will make the game more immersive for some of us.

I am looking forward to this and I wish people would wait and see and try it out before being so negative.

(DeMichael Crimson) #11

Yeah, definitely a good trailer. Actually looks like a movie preview.


Sure would be nice to have a mini movie series, come on CCP, make it so…

(Teinyhr) #12

And it’s fine if you’re looking forward to it. To many however this sounds like, from datamined and testing info, incursions 2.0, and one that people will be forced to participate in if the talk about structure bashing and patrolling super powerful NPC’s is true. People don’t like to be forced to do content they don’t care about.

Anyway, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how much of a bother these invasions will be for average player. Right now from all I’ve heard they certainly dont make me feel like I want to play the game whenever they are in my “home space”. But again, will have to see. Wouldnt be the first time rumors are wrong or too sensationalist.

(Dracvlad) #13

When I returned to hisec after a period of time in nullsec I came across FOB rats and they were a challenge, I almost lost a Skiff and an Orca to them which was a pretty epic fight with my two mains having max drone skills so I was able to strip the tackle and get out.

I looked at the possibility of taking out the FOB’s and invested initially in two Nestors which worked but was slow, I then added in a Leshak based on what others had done and so I was able to remove BR FOB’s and I have removed about six. As I don’t have a third account I was unable to stop the mining defence fleet by having them chase an alt so it made it pretty scary and I had to be on the ball.

So if you are the sort of player that curls up in a little ball at the thought of harder content then I understand your position, after all I have only done level 2 Abyss and have not dared to try anything higher. However what makes this game is tough content. See I have curled into a ball in terms of higher level Abyss and I am not scared to admit that I could not do them within my own risk/reward attitude.

Due to my incident with FOB rats and the fact that people I know have lost Orca’s and Skiffs I check if there is an FOB in system before I go out to mine. And I remove them if they are in my system. That is content, I also had to train my secondary mining characters to have full drone skills, see what I did there?

I had the shakes from the first combat in the belts, I had the shakes when the mining support fleet came in and I also spent some time with an AF and a HAC skirmishing against diamond rats and had some quite interesting fights that were in some ways better than PvP.

Stop being so negative and defeatist, this is supposed to be a challenge.

(Nora Maldoran) #14

IF these Triglavian fleets will attack structures, it seems like an elegant way to get rid of the unmaintained ones.

(Teinyhr) #15

Well, it’s more like that if I want tough content, I do PvP, or content with decent chance of getting dragged into PvP like lowsec/null exploration. I prefer MMO PvE as simple whack-a-mole type of deal for some compensation of my time, like missions pretty much have been since forever, or like a basic dungeon crawl in another game.

Yeah. I only have this one character and I prefer it that way. Currently I also enjoy playing solo (though I have been thinking about joining a bigger corp for a change recently), so I can’t deal with random enviromental threats that require multiple people to fend off either.

And that’s fine, if I could choose to be challenged - if they shut down systems by shutting down gates even, then I can’t even leave the system apparently, I’ll just be forced to sit in a station for however long it takes for the invasion to be defeated.
I sign up for non-consensual PvP when I undock, not non-consensual PvE.

Like I said - you’re free to enjoy it if you like. I even said that I’m willing to give it a benefit of the doubt, but I’ve been around long enough for the bittervet inside me to remind me of all the times people have gotten hyped for features for them to be disappointed sorely later. Maybe this time will be different. Hope so, for those hyped about it sake.

Anyway, this isn’t really on-topic, is it?

As for the trailer itself … I don’t enjoy being a negative nancy, honest(!), but I’m not a fan of these “pseudo gameplay” -style trailers either. Considering this is a completely unknown entity and enemy, I would’ve preferred some narration or explanation what is going on, for the benefit of those who have not been following the Triglavian storyline so far.

(Karak Terrel) #16

Didn’t they announce one like 5 years ago?

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(March rabbit) #18

Well… If we are losing players (like some say but others decline) then surely CCP needs to add smarty NPCs to return life into game for sure.

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(Solstice Projekt) #19

That’s apparently their plan. No need for “problematic”, hard to control people when NPCs can do the job, so the easily manipulated, simple minded farmers don’t have to suffer from being made aware they’re losers in real life.

(Nicolai Serkanner) #20

Remind me of this topic a few weeks from now.