Triglavian Resistance Ewar

I call it Ewar just to give it a label, but it doesn’t affect targeting. It’s a turret weapon that does no damage, but instead reduces the resistance(s) of the target ship.

This is just an idea I’m throwing out there and don’t want to make this a long read. So, I won’t list too many possibilities/options.

Three New Triglavian skills required for small, medium, & large. Medium and large require the prior skill to be at lvl 3.

Can be mounted on any Trig ship, but only a special set of T2 Trig ships get a 20% bonus per level of skill.

Small - T2 Frigate, 5% at skill lvl 5, 60 sec ramp time
Medium - T2 Cruiser, 7% at skill lvl 5, 90 sec ramp time
Large - T2 Battleship, 9% at skill lvl 5, 120 sec ramp time

Each size has a signature radius that it is associated with.
Targeting a smaller signature radius reduces the effectiveness… maybe by up to 50% if a large is used against a frigate.
Targeting a larger signature radius reduces the ramp time… maybe by half at maximum if a small weapon is used to target anything larger than a battleship.

The resistance reduction effectiveness starts out very low and ramps to max over time.
In the neighborhood of 5% starting effectiveness seems reasonable looking at how numbers stack.
So, a ship with a small weapon that maxes out at 5% reduction starts at 0.25% reduction.

Like other turrets, 100% effective up to optimal and then about 50% effective when you reach the end of falloff range.

A new set of ‘frequency crystals’ are used and determine the resistance type that is reduced.
Switching crystals is instant, but can only be done when not firing and so the ramp up is reset.
CCP could even play around with crystals that have longer/shorter range, less/more effective, longer/short optimal/falloff, affect multiple resists, etc.

Use of multiple weapons of this type on the same target have stacking penalty.
The strongest is 100% effective, the second strongest is 86% effective, the third is 57% effective, etc.

Concord ships should get a bonus against this weapon.

Some Comments:

As this is a reduction, the weapon is most effective against the ships with the highest resistances. For example, if the total reduction is 10% and the target’s resistance is 90%, the target’s resistance is reduced to 81%:
90% - (10% x 90%) = 90% - 9% = 81% … 9% reduction
If the target’s resistance is 75% the reduction is less, but it’s still quite effective:
75% - (10% x 75%) = 75% - 7.5% = 67.5% … 7.5% reduction

This would prevent logi from being completely useless, but make logi really struggle when the reduction becomes greater. Especially in large groups where these weapons might be targeting multiple ships and the enemy switches targets between them.

Larger groups who are going to alpha a ship off the field might use this to butter up a ship before hitting it, but this gives the target a blatant warning.

Smaller groups would use this to crack open a tough nut.

Won’t be much use for a ganker since it’s expensive like other Trig ships and still not very effective by the time Concord shows up.

NPC Trigs would only use the types of ammo for the damage they do.

A few things:

  • A “nerf resist” EWAR module would break the game beyond repair due to how it affect repair multipliers (self and remote), especially in relation to capitals
  • EWAR should not be race-specific in terms of being able to fit the modules (though racial bonuses are welcome) or requiring racial skills to use them (Trig skills???)
  • EWAR module strength should not vary based on the size of the hull on which it is fitted (CAPWAR being a reasonable exception, but nerf resists being completely and totally unreasonable)
  • Which resists are nerfed would be complicated in relation to damage type and shield/armor/hull - which types of crystals would exist would be a complicated issues
  • Why would CONCORD ships get a bonus and Trig skills be required to use them? That makes no sense
  • Why are Trigs so special in that they get their own EWAR but other non-empire factions don’t? Trigs already get too much emphasis over existing factions. This is not a good precedent to set.

Point #1 is enough to compromise the proposal. I’m 100% for gameplay diversity and disrupting the status quo, but this is the kind of diversity that introduces NUMEROUS problems without actually adding a new dimension of gameplay or addressing any existing issues of current gameplay mechanics. In fact, it further exacerbates existing imbalances rather than helps alleviate them, ESPECIALLY in light of the recent Surgical Strike release.

This is a no go.

Not nerf resists? CCP just did a huge nerf (which is imo the biggest reason not to do this) and people have been complaining that the super high resists + logi = cancer. Not only does this weapon have a stacking penalty so it can’t be piled on, but it is more effective against those with the ‘cancerous’ super high resists. And it doesn’t negate the role of logi.

Why can’t a type of ewar be race specific?

Why can’t module strength be based on size? Weapons are. There is also a built in effectiveness reduction vs smaller ships. It’s not like each size up is double the effectiveness.

All 4 basic kinds of crystals should exist for each type of resist. CCP can play with lots of variations too. It’s not complicated. They could even simplify it to work against both shields and armor.

Concord ships should get a bonus because my taxes are supposed to be keeping trigs out of high sec… plus their ships make good FC ships and should continue to have high resists. Maybe not all Concord ships.

It’s not that Trig ships are special. It’s that they are (so far) the only ones with a ramping mechanic. That’s important to this as it should start at basically 0.

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Stop right there, no, just no, we have enough Triglavian.


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