Triglavian ships important idea

Triglavian ships should do 3 damage types (shield, thermal, explosive) and should be able to shoot 3 targets from the same turret but should be 3 separate targets at a time(not the same target for 3 guns). Also the ships should benefit from nano adaptive plating having a bonus on resisting the highest damage type per spool so it can resist the highest damage type quicker. I think this would be opportunity for an armour ship to benefit more from nano adaptive and be improved also for mission running. Together with the utility and this change would make a very flexible ship. Remembering that each gun would still need to ramp up damage and the nano adaptive bonus suits the spool up theme for the guns. And also the 3 damage types makes sense for missions and also the theme of ships as always balance lies in the stats not design. Thanks again.

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  1. There’s no such thing as “shield” flavored damage. Shields are strong or weak vs the same 4 flavors everything else is. In this case, Therm and Exp.

  2. Pay careful attention the next time you fit a ship. Even if you fit 1x gun, you’ll see at least 2x appear on the hull. That’s b/c they want animation of firing from all sides of the ship. So… when you fit a single Disintegrator, it makes 3x orbs appear b/c you need a way to shoot the beam in whatever direction the enemy happens to be. Notice all 3x orbs don’t fire on the same target at the same time. If you could shoot 3x separate targets, then your beams would crisscross right through your ship, which would look dumb as hell.

  3. They benefit from Adaptive plating just like anything else does. It adds a little bit of resistance to everything, within the limits of stacking penalties.

There’s no reason any of the things you’ve suggested should be implemented. Nothing in the lore supports any of your ideas. And really, it’s just a Wish List from a mission running Care Bear, and could have been directed at ANY ship in the game.

  1. Im saying the one turret should do EM, thermal and explosive, triglavian think in 3… it makes sense to be able to add shields to damage type to make missions better.

  2. Actually you are wrong in this point the orbs could move around the ship in 360 degrees to be able to fire on 3 targets but not on the same target. The animation would look great.

  3. That is true… however,… there is no ship that has nano adaptive plating as a ship bonus trait at the very least speeding up the swapping of resistance levels, and i think these ships would be a perfect example of the first type as it is similar to how the weapons spool up and the adaptive nano plates do that as well.

There is every reason reading above why it should be implemented, you would have thought of this if you were not eager so eager to shoot the idea down because you don’t like mission runners. Your not here to debate the pro’s and con’s of an idea, your here to shoot down ideas because it makes you feel good.

Multiple beams coming from a single orb would be cool. They would have to nerf the hell out of the damage though.

  1. EM does not equal “shield” damage. Shields take damage from any flavor, including Therm and Exp. So you’re already doing damage to shields, just not as much as you’d like.

  2. Sure, the Orbs could spin around the ship. But they’ve already decided to make it count as 1x gun that does the damage of 4-5. And you can’t shoot at several targets with the same gun. So firing on a single target is part of the plan.

  3. Of course there are no ships that get bonuses to Adaptive Plating. That’s a generic Armor mod. But the Trig ships ARE Armor based, so it’s a good idea to use Armor mods. I’m not sure what you mean by “spooling up” Adaptive Plating. I think you’re thinking of the Reactive Hardener? Which is, again, a generic Armor mod.

There is still no reason why your suggestions should be implemented. Mainly b/c it’s pretty evident that you don’t understand what you’re talking about. And no, it’s not b/c I’m hating on Mission Running. I run Missions just like everyone else. But I don’t think your suggestions are fitting for the Trig ships. They’re just wishful thinking in regards to any kind of Mission fit ship.

OP, you really don’t think your post is important. If you did you would have typed it in all caps, made it bold font, and in italics - maybe even underlined - to get it the attention it deserves. Fix it.

He can also add title style for even more emphasis if his message is really of upmost importance, like this:

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The reactive hardener, and why shouldn’t a ship hull have that bonus, there are ships with traits that work with different modules and this particular module does not have a ship it can rally shine with so i think it is a good opportunity especially since there is a ramp up time similar to how the triglavian weapons work, adding em makes sense as your doing damage to one target at a time. Point 2 i suppose but point 1 and 3 your not going to convince me otherwise, and im not trying to convince you, its for the csm and their judgement.

There are no ships that get bonuses to specific Hardeners. None of the shield boats get a bonus to the Adaptive Invulnerability Field, so why should any of the armor boats get a bonus to the Reactive Armor Hardener? Sure, some boats get bonuses to armor or shield tanking in general, but not to specific modules.

Just about every weapon system in game does 1-2 flavors of damage. Lasers are EM and Therm, Hybrids are Therm and Kin. Projectiles, Missiles, and Drones let you choose a single flavor on the fly. But there are only 2 types of Projectile ammo that let you do 3x flavors at once, and it’s barely worth calling it 3x flavors b/c it’s mostly 2x and a tiny sliver of a 3rd. So… if someone wanted to make a specific type of Exotic Plasma that does a tiny sliver of EM. But I would not get your hopes up for an even spread of EM/Therm/Exp. Especially since we all know EM usually works better on shields, and Exp works better on most armor. They’re not going to give you a weapon that is guaranteed to work the best against both at the same time. If you want that, fit Projectiles or Missiles and swap out ammo as you break their tanks.

They already do, since the day they hit SiSi. Fit precursor gun, fit Amarr drones - has 3 damage types /thread.

I would not want an overpowered ship no one does but its one target at a time and the damage takes time to charge up its different in this case

You want guns that do EM damage (which we all know is especially useful against Shields) as well as Therm and Exp (which we all know is especially useful against Armor) at the same time. That would be overpowered.

And the single target, buildup to full damage, is exactly what they intended for these ships. They’re trying something new. Experience it, learn from it, adapt to it. Don’t just start crying on the forums b/c it’s different than what you’re used to. And don’t use that as an excuse to start asking for crazy stuff like guns that hit all the good resists at once. =)

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