Tinfoil hats on - precursor destroyer, battlecruiser and logi

I wonder how those new additions are going to look like and when they hit SiSi, so I can make some interesting new fits and fiddle with the new logi.

I am guessing since Triglavians are an Amarr sect, that the battlecruiser may have a slight tendency for armor links.

The destroyer, while being interesting will cost way too much for a “throw-away” boat and I hope the drop rates will increase and bit.

I also hope that CCP considers lowering the ammo usage for them disintegrators down to how lasers are doing, as the tech 1 ammo stays as unbreakable disk and the tech 2 ones only viable for 500 cycles before you need new ones.

Well since the destroyer is meant for long range that will help it’s survivability in many engagements.

I hope so. And I am excited to fiddle around with them.

I had a similar thought. I don’t even think we need to make T1 ammo unlimited (although it would be cool). I came up with an idea a while back I wouldn’t mind seeing catch on.

  • T1 BPCs produce 1,000 rounds of ammo per run. So we make a single T1 “Crystal” last 1,000 shots.
  • T2 BPCs produce 5,000 rounds. So we make a single T2 “Crystal” last 5,000 shots.

This makes them unique from T1 and T2 Laser ammo b/c the T2s last longer instead of less.

Then overnight, you can turn all the BPCs to produce 1x Crystal per run, with no change in the amounts.
At the same time, turn every 1k rounds of T1 ammo in your inventory, into a single Crystal. If you have any leftovers less than that, it becomes a Crystal with (X/1000)% life left. Same thing for the T2 stockpiles, every 5k turn into a Crystal.

As an alternative… Make each Crystal (T1 and T2 both) worth 500 shots (the current limit the guns can hold). Then do the same thing to the stockpiles and BPCs. 500 rounds turns into a Crystal, (X/500)% Crystals after that. Current T1 BPCs produce 2x Crystals, and current T2 BPCs produce 5x Crystals per run.

No matter what… I’d like to see the mountains of ammo go away. I don’t mind carrying a few Crystals, but not thousands of cans of plasma gas or whatever.

Oh… And they need to fix the mass for the ammo. It takes up too much space.


Oh I like the sound of that! And I concur, the ammo takes too much space in the cargo hold.

As long as the bc has 5 mids and is 50% as sexy as the vedmak I can’t wait :slight_smile:

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a bit late to the party but the Drekavac has a 4/4/7 layout.

its basically like a Prophecy -1 high. and well, the added functionality of Triglavian bonuses.

with that amount of lows + Triglavian typical overbuffed armor hitpoints + 20% armor resists bonus this thing will be tankier than a Damnation (?)

What if CCP was actually trying to get us to fit cargo expanders to fit more ammo?

The damnation gets a 10% to armor hp per lvl as well which makes it so tanky.

And T2 base resists which are far superior to a T1 base resists.

They are not lasers…the do not use Crystals.

Read the descriptions…

Particle Stream…
And Plasma Charges…

The system for crystals is horrible and CCP knows that. If you just fire 1 shot with a crystal then it is damaged and you can’t stack it anymore. And if you have 10 crystals at 10% you can’t merge them into a 100% one. So people end up with massive piles of used crystals at various levels that makes them a pain in the ass to manage.

The ammo for disintegratos work similar to crystals without the drawback mentioned above. There is instant reload and your gun can shoot for 500cycles before needing to reload. So instead of having 1 crystal that slowly breaks you just have 500 1 use crystals that you can split up and stack however you want. The only downside is the volume they eat up but that is just a matter of adjusting numbers. And keep in mind that you do not necessarily need to fire 500 cycles with the same ammo. You rarely end up in that situation on other ammo using ships without having the ability to restock.

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That is true but it is also true for laser crystals. The faction ones last 2000 cycles I think and the tech 1 ones 1000 cycles.

Since the Triglavians are an Amarr sect, it would make much more sense in the lore.

Who says that?

CCP Rise said it when they announced them. I believe it was EVE fanfest.

T2 last 1000 cycles, T1 are infinite.

Congratulations on completely missing the point. I’m glad you skipped straight to the bottom of the thread, just so you could argue asinine semantics.

Yes, right now they use Plasma Charges. But fat fuckin’ Plasma Charges that take up way too damned much space in your cargo hold. And you eat a single Charge every time the weapon cycles, just like bullets and rockets.

But… if they were to turn it into a single unit similar to the way Laser Crystals are handled, it would conserve space and still work just as well. Instead of loading 500 individual Charges, you could load a single “Crystal” (or whatever form it ends up taking) that is good for 500 shots, or 1k shots, or whatever. Then you don’t need to fill your hold with mountains of Charges, you could just have a few spare “Canisters” of Plasma.

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