I think entropic disintegrators are too weak!

Now that we have those totally weak and useless triglavian ships, it is time to give them a balance overhaul.

Entropic disintegrators are way too weak and need a buff! They hardly do any kind of damage (to titans…).

How about a new set of implants that could increase the damage multiplier per cycle of said disintegrators and help with the totally useless damage output of disintegrators.

What do you guys think? Would a new implant set for entropic disintegrators be okay for all those poor performing triglavian ships?

You should take a look at SiSi…

Tell it to all the capital ships and fighters which were wrecked by the disintegrators. Namely by Kikis and Drekavacs. In contrary, I expect that CCP will nerf them in the future somehow, especially Kiki. It was nerfed once after release already.

not weaker than this bait


Look at Sisi, a new Implant set that increases disintegrator max damage by 80% and also reduces its ramp from like 5% to 4% per cycle.

I agree that some of the Trig ships are useless, like the Damavik. And the Kikimora is OP as it does almost the same dps as a Vedmak at much bigger range(even more range than Ikitursa or Drekavac). All the Other ships(Nergal, Ikitursa, Vedmak and Leshak) are fine as they are.