Hardwires for trig weapons

Are there any hardwire weapon for triglavian?

Do you mean implants? Then yes, there is an entire set of implants that is designated to those death-beams. If don’t remember what they are called.

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Mimesis. With that set existing, I don’t think there are any hardwirings missing that would support Trig Shits weapons. There are Hardwirings for Tracking, for Optimal range, for raw DPS. A Hardwiring for more spooling speed would just detract from the Mimesis implant set’s value and usefulness.

Don’t the regular gunnery or tracking or rate of fire implants work the same on disintegrators as well?

It’s been a while but I remember that the gun-tracking implant improves the tracking of all turrets.

Ah thanks for info appreciate

is there specific set like alpha beta etc? mean i not familiar with the more expensive sets you would not have like list ones be good?

The Mimesis has High-grade, Mid-grade and Low-grade Alpha to Omega sets. Which one is good for you depends on what you fly, I guess. A HG is probably wasted in a Damavik, but a LG doesn’t draw out the full potential of an Ikutursa.

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open the game-> open the market window-> type “mimesis”
see the results

for more infos, right click on the name of each mimesis implant and click on “show info”

Mimesis is the “pirate” set, and goes from 1-6, Alpha through Omega, in two grades (forget which ones).

All general turret skills also affect them, such as Rate of Fire implants, turret tracking, optimal range (technically falloff too, but the falloff bonus would be multiplying a zero), and the legendary Pashan’s Turret Handling Mindlink.

I even took out a paladin in a ikitursa solo with them…

Pali succumbed around 250 ish dps out a potential 3300 ish DPS.

Best kill I ever had tbh… was buzzing out for nearly a week.

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