Why Mimesis?

For those of you who haven’t checked the new “Mimesis” implant:
Mimesis implant set is a freshly introduced low-grade implant set on 10th of September.
It can increase the maximum looping cap of the Triglavian weapons, the Entropic Disintegrator, at the cost of dps increase per cycle.

Exact numbers if used as a set:
Max loop cap increased by a mutiplier of 1.4311
The side effect of reducing the damge per cycle: decreased from 5% to around 4.7%.
The end result is max looping time increased by around 52.3%.
On fully scooped DPS. Iki and nergal increased by around 32.3%. For others, around 25.9%

I was kind of okay with this set. I won’t use it but it is some kind of toy available if you really need max damage for killing some capitals. However days ago I found CCP added the mid-grade version of it on singularity. As a low grade it won’t be too expensive, so you could probably afford it and benefit after like 100 seconds of looping.

Seriously, WHY?

I question the followings:

  1. Does these triglavian ships need this, instead of other ship needing the long promised pirate implant? The whole implant set is designed for 1 certain faction (and it is probably one of the best available), this never happen before and I just can’t understand.

  2. The bonus of the implant will only kick in after about 70 seconds for kiki/damavic/Draugur, 100 seconds for most of other ships and 200 seconds for Ikitursa. I’ve never seen any implant requires such a long time before providing the bonus. And if you switch target/ammo or got ecm/damped/TDed you will need to start that timer again as you lost all your scooped damage.

  3. What’s even worst? now you loop 4.7% instead of 5 per cycle, it is actually a DEBUFF before you reach the previous max damage. Until then, you are doing less damage than before. Seriously, it is good to have a increased max damage, but this debuff is just so annoying. Is it the case that there are so many situation where players will need that increased max damage? I feel this is a extreme niche situation on 1 specific weapon time, and we are adding 2 sets of implants for that?

  4. And, it is a implant SET, which means it will need to compete with other pirate implants. To me it will be just more acceptable for it to be a more expensive slot 7/8/9, as we basically does not have damage implant for them now.

I am also worried about the numbers for mid-grade mimesis. If the numbers stays the same as what we have now on sisi, it will provide around 53% increase in max looping, thus means 39.8%/31.8% increase in the final DPS for iki+nergal and others respectively. It is not much higher than the low-grade set.
And, the same problem, which happened between no implant and low-grade implant, happened again for low and mid: The mid implant will only out-run low implant after you reach the low implant maximum damage. Before that, the mid is just the low (actually slightly worse because the debuff is slightly stronger, from 4.7% to 4.64% per cycle now).

Very curious and worried about this set.

Structure bashing?


Their only purpose in the game is really structure bashing. Very short sited, and tired of Trig ships getting niche bonuses to the most boring aspect of the game. A reduced top end damage, but increase ramp speed would have been infinitely more useful.


that set without penalty to damage increase would have been a lot bettet

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The difference in pvp might not even be that noticeable, a legit choice for small corps with few people who wants structures taken down faster. POCO hunting anyone?

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entropic disintegrators seem to be doing fine so they dont need a beastly boost in power. perhaps range but that would mean nerfing certain hulls.

now, unlike turrets or missiles these weapons didnt have a dedicated implant for damage (heck, we didnt even have Drone implants either). Triglavians are also a new faction/empire so it makes sense that instead of making 2 diferent implants (one set, the other a skill implant like those from slots 6 to 10) they instead made these a single set and leave the rest of slots for people to use armor or range implants.

still, if the Kostenadza implants are gonna be implemented anyways the logical change should be to make them into something else entirely not just an OP variation of the Mimesis set. the Singularity cycle just started anyways

Ok here goes…

…the Mimesis implants increase max possible damage and a slight reduced cycle damage increase.
note: the cycle damage bonus % decrease is the same for all three grades of implants, but max damage increases each grade you go up.

But if you have max gunnery skills (the ones that effect all turrets) and a good damage mod you can counter the negative, by increased ROF and gain massive possible damage amp.

With Mimesis implants you gain from having faster cycles or time to get above the base 150% max damage bonus. If you can reduce you cycle time the 30 cycles go by fast. On a Frigate or Destroyer the cycles are much shorter than the Cruiser/Battlecruiser or Battleship. So you’d get above default max damage, so think of a ganking fleet with a couple of Trig Frigates doing near battlecruiser damage on large ships.

Yes on the larger ships the Mimesis is more for structure bashing or cap-ship ganking. But still in a fleet situation.

But as noted above if you can’t counter the reduce damage cycle gain with ROF bonuses, its a limited use implant.


One thing many forget is distegrators have no RIGs for them like all the other turrets and missile launchers do. Plus with any turret mods it only gains half as falloff bonuses have no effect on them.

What damage mods you can from RIGs and Skill implants can provide massive bonuses to weapons, and you have ability implant slots free for better implants for shield/armour/targeting/etc… While implanting Mimesis you only gain max damage bonus and a decreased cycle damage increase.

So saying memesis is over powering Disintegrators is very short sighted.

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