Was there a reason turrets didn't get an implant set?

There is a set for missiles and drones. and a set for trig guns but no set for turrets. Was there a reason or did ccp just not get around to it?

Are you looking for the Gunnery Implants category, maybe?

no. Implant sets

No idea but the trig set is pretty much a meme, it’s rarely actually useful.

I mean that can be said about most of the sets lol

Do turrets even really need them though?

Most implant sets are there to buff certain aspects of a weapon system or ship stat, turrets already have some amazing implants in slots 6-10, i’m not really sure you want a kronos doing yet even more damage than it already can or a 1400 II powerful enough to literally volley battleships to death

This is what i would guess to be the reason they don’t have a specific implant set, they just kind of don’t need it

yeah, what we really needed was stronger gilas lol

but if you went with the drone/missile one it would be more about a bit better application then full on damage. I don’t think turrets in general are so much better than missiles and drones that it is some how more broken for turrets.


Most sets are straight up upgrades: more tank, more speed, more agility etc. The Mimesis set increases the base damage but DECREASES the damage growth per cycle so yes it can do more dps but it takes FAR longer to spool up even to what used to be the normal dps. Only useful if you can just sit there and let it spool up on a really big target. For “every day” use the set is actually detrimental.

Yeah, Guristas ships have certainly gotten some love, what with things like the implant set that benefit drones and missiles, and those Hivaa ballistic control systems. lol. If a player had suggested the Hivaa BCS, I would have told them that Guristas ships don’t need a buff and that there was no justification for it… and yet, here we are.

Anyway, I’d love a named turret implant set because I primarily use turrets. But I can’t offer any justification for them besides I want it.

Also on my “a man can dream” wishlist:

  • Mutaplasmids for tracking computers
  • Mutaplasmids for DDA’s (are we getting these?)
  • Mutaplasmids for resistance mods (which might be more justifiable post Surgical Strike Update)
  • Slot 10 damage implants for Entropic Disintegrators
  • Triglavian Marauder
  • Triglavian Command Ship
  • Ship Mutaplasmids (which CCP Teased)
  • Smarter targeting for zappy bois (the PvE’er in me is for this, the PvP’er in me is against it)

Alright, that’s enough. I need to run.

No P2W

Yup, they are on SISI

Don’t forget the trig cov ops, the trig bomber, the trig black ops :stuck_out_tongue:


Are they? I couldn’t find them are they not on the market yet?

Probably not seeded, but they definitely exist just check hoboleaks https://www.hoboleaks.space/

Yeah that’s what made me check. But hobo leaks will pull them even if they are not active yet. I’ll take another look though.

I forgot these abominations existed

More interested in the coming drone marauder

500% increase to drone damage/hitpoints/tracking/speed/optimal/falloff
750m3 bandwidth for active drones
Gallente T2 armor resist profile
Armor rep bonus same as other armor based marauders

L4 here we come!

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Ah, the new Marjorie troll alt.

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