Drone Implants Anyone?

I’m not sure if there are any in the game that I can see , the skill hardwiring ones.

But is there going to be any in the game soon?

You can make them like the guns skill skills hardwiring ones as and example slot 7 to 10:

Plus 1 to 6 implants of DPS
Plus 1 to 6 implants of Tracking
Plus 1 to 6 implants of Speed
Plus 1 to 6 implants of Optimal range of drones damage

As an example.

I know there going to be implants of the tank of them, but I don’t see anything else.

What do you guys think?

Kind Regards
Predator BOA

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I think there’s a set of drone EHP implants planned that’ll come after the shield-Slave set.

Drones don’t need a buff. They are pretty damn strong right now.

If they were to get implants (i want them too) they’d probably face a nerf at the same time.

Shameless ‘make drones squads’ plug.

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Agree with @Daichi_Yamato, drones are already quite powerful. Look at how easily VNIs, Domies, and Ishtars can AFK rat. Heck, I can triple-box with remote repping arty domis and clear sites with alarming speed. Warp in at 75, use arty volleys targeting smallest to biggest whilst using sentries to target biggest to smallest. Nice slow cycle time on the arty gives me lots of time to tab through targets.

It’s not quite carrier speed, but it’s certainly close, and the isk on field is a fraction of a carrier. It’s about the same amount of clicking though, lol.

Giving drones more damage, better application, no… they’re already well in excess of what they should be for what is effectively a passive weapon system most of the time.

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yes, drones are an easily weapon system to lose, and it would create another part of implant market. im also for a rouge drone npc faction.

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Is it just the same as a rogue drone with red paint on the hulls, or do they just fly around painting your hulls red?

Sorry, I had to.

That sounds interesting. As in an entire LP store in Period Basis with all the nice sentient mods and them implants but not as pirate faction, but more like the Intaki Syndicate in Syndicate space.

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