Drone/fighter implant set

(Dark Engraver) #1

I believe it˙s about time rogue drones got a specific implant set.
Since drones and fighters aren’t in need of a damage boost currently as they are and because none of the other sets offer damage boosts we need to chose a different bonus to stay reasonable so here’s a few ideas.
1.Hp bonus to shield armor and structure totaling up to 30% for mid grade and 50% for high grade.
2.Speed increase of up to 15% for mid grade or 25% for high grade
3.Optimal range increase of up to 30% mid grade or 50% high grade.
4.Shield armor and structure resistances increase of up to 30% mid grade and 50% high grade of course counting current resists on some drones currently this bonus will apply similarly to any other form of resistance stacking.
5.increased logistic drones rep amount
6.increased mining drone mining amount
7.increased ewar drone ewar strength.

(Wallyx) #2

There is already plan an HP Implant for Drones:

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