Mining Boost's and Drones

I know there is a development time budget of sorts but this idea represents how EVE Online can be imaginative to say the least.

I think Mining Boosts should work on drones. I will propose the system idea I have for making it a worthwhile addition to the game.

The mining yield script could work pretty much the same for drones. Mining drones get more yield, Ice drones get faster cycle times.

The mining range script could work for drones as well with similar respects to the purpose. With drones it would be better to increase the navigation speed of the drones. This would be useful in similar respects to having more range on lasers to have drones that engage and return faster.

The boost to reduce damage to Tech II Mining Crystals over time could also increase drone hitpoints. For miners using “Augmented” drones this could potentially save them an expensive drone loss.

This is where the new boosts have some hidden potential here in being what EVE Online can and will always be. An Eos command ship pilot with heavy drones for example, using two Mining Boost II’s to increase the navigation speed and hitpoints of heavy drones would be legitimately viable. This would also apply to any Tech I battlecruiser with drones that can use a command boost.

I think Mining Boosts are missing a “crossover” usefulness for combat ships, but this would change that quick.

The argument would then be made that combat boosts increase combat and ewar drones.
I think it opens a balancing nightmare tbh.

My 2-bits…

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Boosting mechanics have been made relatively flat across combat and mining. Buffing one will be seen as unfair and the same buff will be demanded from the other. It has been argued this way long before the boost mechanics were changed.

Drones have never fallen under the boost mechanics. Changing it would logically be applicable to all drone types. This would drastically change the pvp balance towards drone ships. Again.

navigation speed and drone hitpoints would give an advantage to heavy drones mostly, I do not see heavy drones in pvp dominant and many ships that use say light drones as supplement, like a drake, could use the nav speed for example. A drake with navigation speed to Hobgoblins is going to be an advantage for faster drone damage, drone pvp was largely sentry drone dominant when it was imba which this would apply no benefit besides pve sentries. Drone speed and hp will help heavy drone pve and faster gallente drones which is a niche that could be stronger. Drone ships already have enough bonuses to not really make much of these types of boosts and would be much better off with say armor boost support. An Ishtar would find much more help from tanky based boosts than drone boosts.

However in lowsec and nullsec mining fleets, the drone speed would be a great help especially with Rorqual support to fight enemies and maybe win. Mining fleets do not normally use sentries unless they have outside defense from other ships, so drone speed on other types could help a mining fleet defend across the board with faster attacking. The increased HP will help vs smartbombs in pvp which could make a lot of difference if an organized fleet specifically to attack a mining fleet were to happen. Drones get hit hard by smartbombs in pvp and this could help mining fleet drones vs those types of defenses, to survive enough to deal out more formidable mining fleet offensive support.

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