Command boosts for mining

How about a Command Boost for drone yield?
Command boosts boost about everything except for drone yields… how about a mindlink or a script to make that happen?

How about no? Rorquals are already way too overpowered with their mining yield.

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Was thinking high-sec mostly…

So AFK Orcas can boost their drones? No thank you…

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Can you auto-circle the boost? Of is that something people have to do by imput automatization?

They auto-repeat… 1.30ish minute cycles.

Then sorry, no drone boost for AFK Orcas in HS please.

Drone mining augmentor rigs are already available.

The existing mining boosts for miners are quite satisfactory as they are.

And I supposed Supers and Titans aren’t too overpowered with their damage? High-end should be overpowered.

Yes, they are, and supers don’t receive bonuses from boosts to their fighters either. And titans are weapon ships, which don’t receive bonuses to those either.

Titans already rat as much as 3-4 carriers. Rorquals mine as much as 4 Hulks. Everything is fine with the Rorquals not getting a special treatment.

I’d be ok with making the existing mining boosts affect drones if there was a reduction in the base mining volume; having to have boosts running would add both a vulnerability (weapons timer) and a consumable (Command Burst Charges) to Rorqual mining.


I think we are asking is whether your drones are boosted by your mining boost and no they’re not and no that’s not going to change in the future sorry it just not the Orca and the porpoise our support ship not mining ship what’s overly large Hall they are nice to you but with either one you still have to be at keyboard because you never know when a random roaming gang is going to come through and with about eight of them with an orca with a porpoise even less

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