Mining drones and Ore command ships

I have a couple questions about the mining drones and Ore command ships.

  1. Why are the mining drones so very slow? Warrior I drones 4,200 m/sec, Salvage Drones I 900 m/sec, Mining drones I 400 m/sec.

  2. Why do the Ore command ships not get a bonus to Mining drone speed?

From what I has seen the ideal place for a boosting ship is in the middle of the fleet/belt. That means that the asteroids are furthest away form the boosting ship.

Think of it this way, whats faster, a camero or a bulldozer?

But I think its to encourage you to be much closer to the rocks where you’re at a higher risk position than if you were afar.

The best place is at the rock you want to mine. CCP buffed these “ore command/boosting ships” so much, that they became the main mining ships. Other mining ships are almost obsolete.


It’s part of the thrill and one of the few weakness’s miners have. Positioning closer to the asteroids they mine alot more and return almost instantly anyway. One of the important little balance details which makes mining more interesting for me. Such little nuances is why I love Eve.

Ore is heavy. Mining drones need to be able to hold that ore and move between the rocks and the ship. Its not like they are carrying nothing, like damage drones, or very little, like salvage. Anyone will tell you a couple wires are a lot less heavy than a bunch of rocks.

It makes sense.

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If you stack a bunch of modules for drone speed in the mids (I forget the name of the modules), the mining drones can move crazy fast. I’ve tried it - it works.

If you mine further out from the asteroid you are at higher risk of being bumped out of mining range.

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