Drone Durability Skill

When I look at the attribute of my drone (in this care Praetor II), why does the hull, armor and shield hitpoints show that their values are decreased by the Drone Durability skill when I mouseover the green colored hitpoints? shouldn’t drone durability do the increase these points?

Might be a ui bug. Considering the implant is pointing down too. If it wasnt maxed out, you could train the next level to compare numbers.

The implant is doing what its supposed to do: reduce hitpoints while increasing the speed of the drones. But the I don’t understand why Drone Durability is pushing it down.

Like Geo said, a UI bug most likely. Try sending in a bug report.

I’ve seen such a bug more often, most notably when this mouseover notation of up or down was introduced.

Luckily the HP buff itself doesn’t seem to be affected (drone HP ingame is still buffed, not nerfed, right?), so the only thing that’s wrong in the database is that the drone durability modifier should be upward rather than downward.

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I can’t tell if Drone Durability is nerfing or buffing it as I have other factors making it go both up and down so I can’t tell how the skill alone is affecting it. Thanks for replying tho. Cheers.

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