About drone damage

Hello peeps,

I am fairly a new pilot with 5m sp.I am flying a NVI at low sec for ratting ( Angel ). My drone skills are getting good and i am aiming to have a carrier.

I got a question which is about VNI max drone dps.My drones are x5 republic fleet berserker.I finished drones interfacing 4 and i had %10 drone dps, fit dps is currently 438,2.My problem is 30 min ago i finished Gallente Cruiser 4 to have ship bonus which is drone tracking,mining yield and damage but it did not applied, fit screen is still showing 438,2.

Am i missing something or understand ship bonuses wrong.

Also one last question about, faction drones and normal drones like t1 t2.I think they are not all using same damage bonuses from skills like heavy drone operation.

Thanks for your time.

Your client uses a cache to reduce the bandwidth requirement when communicating with the server. I’m not sure how often this cache is refreshed. You can try clearing it to see if the skill bonus applies or simply wait. The numbers on the server will be used in combat.

The description tab in the info sheet will tell you which drones the skill bonus applies to. Other than racial specialization skills, I think the bonuses apply to all drones.

I think you just need to log out and then log back in.

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Drones have 2 values for damage

Damage (5-11)
Damage Modifier 4.2

the numbers are just examples
Drones follow the standard gunnery miss/crit formulae, which is NOT displayed anywhere

Most skill based bonus, and almost affects from rigs & modules change the DM value
afaik the DM is a straight multiplier for the base values
once a skill upgrades it can take a little while to be reflected in the load-out infoscreen

I use EveHQ for character/asset tracking and working out fits
there is an Audit Log icon that displays all the changes made to an items base values
it’s really good for understanding how skills, modules, rigs and stacking penalties change how an item performs

Also, try fitting an omnidirectional tracking link with tracking speed script (helps drones apply dps better) and experiment with using a drone navigation computer (faster drones harder to hit, get to targets faster). 2-3 drone damage amplifiers and a drone link augmentor. :slight_smile: