Sentry Drone interfacing V not adding to damage bonus

(Erebus 'TheChin' Sundance) #1

Hey, I have a issue, could someone help explain this please.

During the night I finally got the skill Sentry Drone Interfacing to level 5. I was expecting this to increase the modified damage value of my sentry drones, by 5% per level.

In the info window for the skill, the information is as follows.

Skill at controlling sentry drones. 5% bonus to Sentry Drone damage per level.

In the required for tab, under level I, all tech I sentry drones and empire faction variants are available. Level V opens up tech II sentries. Nothing mentions the damage only applies to certain sentry drones, from the description, one would think it applies to all sentry drones across the board.

I like to keep notes on the effects and effect bonuses I get from reaching higher skill levels, So I can look back at what the actual values of any improvements for a specific item/ship are.

Last night while level V was still ticking away I made a note of the damage I get from CN Wardens.
With one FN DDA (23.8% drone damage bonus) and a CN Warden the info for the drone gave me a value of 3.7853088 x

I did this in both the simulate ship window (manage drones, right click show info) and the normal fitting window to see if the numbers were concurrent. They were identical.

However, I now have level V but the damage value is exactly the same at 3.7853088 x

Is this a known issue? Should I open a ticket or bug report? Am I missing something? Is the sky falling?

Cheers o7

(Erebus 'TheChin' Sundance) #2

I took the ship out of station, warped to a BM and dropped the sentries, 5x CN Wardens. Clicked show info and got a damage modifier value of 3.94304 x


The improved modified damage value occurs only when the drones are in space. I still get the wrong value from the show info window for the drones in the drone bay even while undocked.

This is a clear difference in modified value. It would seem that either the in station or show info calculations are not taking into account the relevant skills.

…Or quasi-fungular atoms have escaped into the quantum flux information calibration inhibitors upholstering binary fluid at awkward angles in self manipulated particle fields.

I will submit a bug report after DT as I’m just talking to myself at this point…

(Krysenth) #3

When you show info on drones, weapons, ships, basically anything with stats, from inventory or market, you’re getting the “raw” stats on it. When you show info from within the ship fitting window (this includes drones via “manage drones”), THATS when you’ll see correct stats.

The one on the left is the show info window from the item hangar. The one on the right is from the drone bay.

(Toddle) #4

Lots of skills aren’t updating the actual value until many hours later, sometimes all the way to the next DT. This started happening a couple months ago when they force quit the skill queue duing the ghosttraining fiasco. Since then I’ve noticed dozens of times that skills hadn’t updated… including T2 weap specs, drone skills, infomorph psychology, etc.

I’ve also heard people in chat complaining about all the above, in addition to Gas Miners (skill not updating, thus not allowing a second gas turret), industry lines, etc.

Just yesterday I finished Small Blaster Spec V and my Daredevil/Enyo DPS was unchanged. I did the usual session change, log out, switch ships, clear cache files, to no avail. Sometimes you just need to wait for DT.

Probably has something to do with serverside skill ‘cache’ that doesn’t update correctly, doesn’t purge old skills, or something along those lines.

EDIT: Wow i just realized this is a month old… sorry for the necro.