Drone Interfacing not applying Dmg Bonus?

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I started to skill Drone Interfacing yesterday. Description says

"Improves damage and mining yield for drones and fighters under your control.

10% bonus to drone damage and drone mining yield per level.
10% bonus to fighter damage per level."

I noted my DPS yesterday before starting the training in my fitting Window. I had 4 Infiltrator I in Bay. DPS in fitting Windows was 110,8

Now, Drone Interfacing is currently finished with lvl 2. That means, I should have 2x10% more Dmg on my Drones.

Question is, why is DPS still showing 110,8 in fitting Window ? Isnt Dmg Multiplier increased with this skill ? I already undocked, removed Drones from bay and put them back. Still no change in my DPS Value


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How long did you wait before checking? The Eve client has a cache to reduce bandwidth requirements communicating with the server. The server has the correct value but the client cache may not update instantly. You can clear the cache - ESC menu -> Reset Settings Tab -> Clear all cache files. This will force you to exit and relaunch the client.

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You were right!

Just logged in 8 hours later and now its showing 133 DPS



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