How do bonuses interact with each other?

I am newish to the game and i have a question.
How do bonuses interact with each other?
Let me elaborate what i mean:
I am flying a praxis that has 50% drones damage.
I have the heavy drones skill lvl 3 and it gives 15% bonus to heavy drones damage.
I have drone interfacing lvl 2 so another 20% to damage.
Now if i fit my praxis with an heavy drone, what will be the damage output?
Do they sum to 85% or is it like normal damage + ship bonus + skill bonus calculated on that?

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It’s multiplicative. Always, if your ship does 100 drone dps with current skills/mods, and you add a module that adds 5% drone damage, it’ll now do 105 dps.

base damage * 1.5 * 1.15 * 1.2 = base damage * 2.07, so you get a 107% damage increase compared to an unskilled, unbonussed hull.

One caveat is that modules and rigs have diminishing returns, their effectiveness starts to really drop after the 3rd item.

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These might help understand a bit better.

Okay, so they are cumulative.
So for example 3 mining upgrades II don’t give a total of 27% but they give a 29.5% plus mining level 5 is 61%.
Got it, thanks to everyone

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