Number of spoolups for disintegrators

In pyfa, the maximum amount of spoolups for an all lv 5 skill player is 60. My skills only allow me to have 30 spoolups.

Which skills are required to have 60 spoolups?

Heavy Assault Cruisers (for the Ikitursa) or Assault Frigates (for the Nergal). These ships get a 20% bonus per level of those skills to disintegrator damage cap.

The Damavik, Vedmak and Leshak are limited to 30 cycles unless you use Mimesis implants to raise the cap.


I’m using the ikitursa and have heavy assault cruisers at lv 4, is that the reason I can’t spool up to 60 times? Why doesnt it let me spool up to like 54 times then?

It looks to me like you can set it to whatever value you’d like:

I had a look using my char here which has all skills to V, on a character with 0 HAC skills I can only select 30, when I select “grant missing skills” this changes to 36 so does appear to be linked to the HAC skill.

Edit: Should add I was looking at the T2 weapon here.

Edit2: If you have just recently finished training this skill you may have to ‘refresh api’ so that Pyfa knows you have increased the levels.



Thanks, readded my chars and everything fixed itself. Apparently my skills weren’t refreashing.

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Yip ship skills are on one the that changes it, and turret core skills increase speed to max damage.

Calculation i use is max damage % over damage modifier to get number of cycles till max, and then times that by cycle time in seconds.

So mimesis will increase cycles/time till full damage, the Assault ships with its damage modifier skill bonus helps reduce the cycles and count the increased cycle time caused by the mimesis implants, Sinks and ROF implants won’t change the number of cycles, but will decrease cycle time.

Eg. I have 3.25sec cycle time on disintegrator with one sink and skills. With mimesis and 6% ROF implant i get 4.45sec, but a huge max damage.

This what i’ve found so far, and with no RIG option like other turrets disintegrators are limited to skills, implants, tracking enhancers/computers and turret sink.

You think its better to go mimesis implants for more dmg in the long run or askelpain implants for more rep as I’m only using one medium armor rep on my ikitursa. My reasoning is that I can always ecm other ikitursas and their mimesis implants will be borderline useless

50/50, tank vs damage.

On Assault frigate mimesis hands down, with rof implant and sink to get to max damage fast.

Leshak CAP/Structure killer mimesis no question.

Its down to how you play and your fit. If you have tank enough to hold till max damage then mimesis.

Other than that personal choice.

Oh my bad I don’t think I mentioned this. This is for abyssal pvp

As noted mimesis is great for max damage, but until it passes the default max damage of a non-implant, its putting a negative on cycle times. Have a read of its effects, it increases cycle time.

On small disintegrators its not a major as they have a fast cycle time, medium disintegrator you’d need to compare the benefits vs the negatives (higher max damage, but slow cycle times, meaning longer to reach max damage).

Sometimes better go for tank and faster cycle time.

Yip, with default max damage multipler bonus of 150% and damage multipler bonus per cycle of 5%, works out to be 30 cycles, and a total of 105 seconds ( 3.50seconds per cycle) to full damage.

Every lvl of gunnery modifies the cycle time by 2% (max of 10%)
Every lvl of rapid firing modifies the cycle time by 4% (max of 20%)
Entropic Radiation Sink applies between 4-8% modifiers to the cycle time.
Inherent Implants ‘Lancer’ Gunnery RF-901~6 modifiers cycle time by 1%-6%
Pashan’s Turret Customization Mindlink applies 7% to cycle times.

This all help reduced cycle times, meaning cycles pass faster.

Max damage multipler bonus can be modified by ship lvl bonuses and Mimesis implants.

Mimesis implants applies between a few % for a single implant up to 43.11% for lowgrade set up to 69.67% highgrade set.

Ikitursa adds 20% to max damage multipler bonus per lvl of Heavy Assault Cruiser skill.

Nergal adds 20% to max damage multipler bonus per lvl of Assault Frigate skill.

The 5% as far as i know for damage multiplier bonus per cycle is only modified by mimesis implants by -33% per implant . This is the only negative to the multipler.
This means more cycles are required to achieve maximum damage, thus longer to reach the default 150% mark.

Ideally the lower the cycles and faster cycle times gets disintegrators to max damage.

The only advantage as noted above with mimesis implants is when you have fast ROF/cycle times, as you’ll be about to counter the reduced damage multipler bonus amount. And once you get above the default 150%/30cycle you gain the bonus damage from the mimesis implants.

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