Trig frig: what is it good for?

correct me if im wrong but doesnt it take 90 seconds for full damage to be applied? wtf is this going to do to anything? they said these ships are pvp based but even if you 1v1 someone they can easily overtake you with their dps early on. burner missions then? not sure what kind of dps they do but i cant see any use for these (unless you roam with 20 of them).

It looks cool.

With a remote rep bonus i think you kinda hit the jackpot there :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Prepare 20 alts.

so nothing. thanks

Spider tanking gangs.

Think outside of small gangs… imagine 50 of these things. That’s downright terrifying.

It’s a navy slicer with drones, more agility and two utility high slots. The disintegrator is a pulse laser with ion blaster tracking.

You shouldn’t focus as much on the spool up time. Nor on the seemingly low base damage. The tracking means that your damage will often be far more reliable than any weapon of equivalent range. The spool up means that you will only get better the longer the fight last. Which is especialy useful for kiting or to engage upper sized ennemies, and against these last the utility high slots will also become especialy handy.


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