Any use for Triglavian ships in high-sec?

Hi there,

I haven’t skilled for this ship class yet/weapons.

Anyone know if they can be used for anything in highsec, since that’s where most of my gameplay is?

Thanks for any help.


They are amazing PVP hulls. You can use them for PVE As well. I’ve done 4/10s in a kiki. And L4 missions in a leshak. Been on holiday for 3 weeks so will try the T2 when I return from sunny Greece.

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The Drekavac is my new fav ship.

It is a BC hull with BS level EHP and BS level DPS. You can read as Bullshyte or Battleship… because either way it really is a great ship.

EDIT: I also expect it to get nerved because it is so good.


but Natocha…you said emphatically that you refuse to train triglavian ships…


And it looks good doing it too

All good ships, though i guess you learn their limitations.

The biggest is the turret limitation and all the Trig turrets only have optimal range, not falloff range at all.
But they have a huge damage output once they cycle up to full power.

yes these turrets after 30 cycles can do massive damage.
But remember these aren’t long range weapon, only out to optimal range have high fitting requires for a turret.

That ok…

I always preferred close range brawling. Go in and destroy or die.

Leshaks are great for killing structures.

I’m trying to turn over a new leaf.

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Can you describe exactly how they work? I don’t want to skill it then regret it.

I’m a complete perfectionist.


Ok trig combat ships only one turret slot, and can mount any turret. The Trig logi ships can mount multiple turrets.

The Trig disintergrator can only be mounted on Trig combat ships and not logi.

These disintergrators and the meta-remote armor repair both have a power-amp system.
The increase power output(damage or hp repair depending which you’re using).
The power output increases by 5% per cycle until it reaches 150%.
These two items have no falloff range, so what every your optimal range is, that’s as far as it’ll hit out to.
The disintergator is like energy turrets, but do thermal and explosive damage, and use ammo, but can instant change ammo like energy turrets.

Trig ships are armour tank ships, they have weak shield hp to the point that a next class down ship would have similar shield hp , but its armour tank is up with the best.
Also to mount the turrets you have to be careful as they can use up your powergrid and cpu fast.

They are fast ships for their classes, and agile. But this is needed to maintain turret locks, as if you let a target get out of turret range the turrets reset their damage cycles to the start again.

So key things to have is armour skills, turret skills, good or better engineering skills, and drone skills. Yes all Trig ships have drone bays and have good drone bandwidth.

Theres a lot more, but you should try the frigate and then decide to push for the T2 and Leshak skills.

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Thanks, I’m thinking of going for the frigate just to test it out.

I’m still not convinced whether I should invest in the bigger ships. For example I don’t enjoy using standard battleships even though I have max skills. I just find them poor damage dealers and clumsy in general.

Also i don’t like resorting to using drones to help out. Drones are massively overrated in this game and are relied on far too much by many ships.

It would be nice for turrets just to do their job.

Let’s c.

I love those ships (expensive to use as a PVE ship), but if you are looking for a brawler you might want a Machariel, very fun ship with the right skills.

For a BC I would suggest Brutix or Ferox, both are great ships.

A cruiser; Moa or Thorax.

Destroyer class; I love my confessor.

Frigate hull, don’t really use them anymore except for fast travel.

The frigate fits, think Amarr Punisher and you’ll have a good start.
After that it’s a balancing game getting the CPU, PowerGrid, CAP and tanking, then damage increase.

When home i’ll post a basic fit for you to start from.

All true, though the new T2 Trig ships could change these, but no at their current isk purchase price.

As for frigates it depends on role. For Roams the Trig frigates can be right up there with the best damage dealers, not the best alpha strikers(this true of all trig ships, expect logi ships), but in fleet the combined damage output of the Trig turrets can surpass larger ships, and the Trig turrets are a good option against large HP ships due to their damage ramping overtime.

But key thing is Trig ships aren’t shield ships, sure you can fix holes in shields, but armour tanking they can excel.

Key thing is the range due to trig turret range, as trig pilot you want to be in close to mid range, as none trig you want to keep trig ships at range.

Farming. Probably.

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