*Disintegrator Specialization cost

Few days ago CCP started new event to give the capsuleers a random couple of SP. Great event, thank you CCP. When I look to event description - I see that all this event was designed for triglavian ships exploration, I see that CPP wants capsuleers to investigate trglav ships and modules. As I know - all this skills are dropped from abyss. Looking at the prices I got a shock - skills “*Disintegrator Specialization” costs 230-380kk, for me and my windows it is really great summ. Can CCP fix this? A propose to change chance of drop for small to have a cost 10-20kk, med - ~50kk, large - ~150-200kk.

Prices are set by players, not CCP or NPCs.


that’s really not a lot

Alpha clones can’t train that skill anyway. If you are Omega then you are either paying a bunch of money for a subscription or a bunch of isk for plex. Either way, how can 300kk be unaffordable?

Problem happened when the AF and HAC were added.

The prices for the small and medium disintegrator skill books increased well above the large, and even all the ship skill books increased pass the cost of the precusor battleship skill book prices.

Supply and demand.

CCP can fix the drop rate for this skillbooks, so this guys can affect on market. Anybody remember the boost of price on pirate BS when CCP change the chance of drop?

But why would they? Because someone is whining about the price on the forums?

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If they want to stimulate the users to learn triglavs, why not?

And what if some players artificially inflate prices to profit more? Why do you want to ruin their gameplay?

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Why do you think the prices are so high, it’s because there is already a demand for precusor ships and turrets.

As said before the only reason for the huge price inflation is due to the newer T2 ships and thus every thing related to get into them was pushed up in isk value.

As i said before the Battleship and its turret skill books, and actual ship and turret are cheaper than trying to get a Assault Frigate or Heavy Assault Cruiser skill books, and the related turrets.

If someone want to get them cheaper they need to shop around, as there are cheaper items on the market if you go looking for them.

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Where did they say that’s their objective?

If you don’t like the price go get some filaments and get a book out of the abyss yourself. No-one is stopping you.

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Great news to the newbies capsuleers, now you can buy the skill only for 1kkk. sarkasm
CCP, really?

Newbies should not be buying a Specialization book like this. :slight_smile:
Also, again, CCP does not set prices, Players do. Why don’t you reach out to those sellers and work out a deal?

Also, again, CCP sets the chance of drop for this thing. And this drop chance regulates the prices.

Great news for newbies, now they shouldn’t flight on triglavian frigs and destroyers, right? Is it official position of CCP?

You can participate in the Abyss and go farm them yourself.

You’re completely right on this!

How about you ask them yourself?

The answer you’re going to get is CCP’s standard, “Don’t fly what you can’t afford to lose.” If you can’t afford the Specialization skillbook, there you go, you shouldn’t fly that ship. Simple as that. :slight_smile:

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Really? Tell me what is difference in flying any t2 frigate with t2 turrets/rockets and flying on triglavian ship?

Hey, y is messing a book cost with fit+ship cost. nullsec guys logic is hard to understand sometimes.

The Skillbooks come from different sources. :slight_smile:

Nah, the skillbook is part of the whole package.

If someone wants to fly a Leviathan, but can’t afford the isk to buy the Caldari Titan, they have no business flying in a Leviathan. :slight_smile:

Ok, this is very hary to knock through nullsec slaves with tinans in heads, I’ll write directly to CPP.

It’s CCP, but good luck! :slight_smile: