*Disintegrator Specialization cost

The difference is, T2 frigates and T2 turrets/rockets have been available for purchase for over a decade now, with multiple different avenues available to purchase and stockpile them.

Surely you understand this, right?

No, supply regulates the prices. Doesnt matter if drop chance is 100%, if no one is farming it, the cost will go up.

If they cant afford the skillbooks, then yeah. That is the official stance of CCP.

Its not the Job of CCP to ensure that newbies can afford to fly titans. Surely you knew that.

If youre so heartbroken about newbies not being able to afford skillbooks, then you can fix it yourself by whipping out a credit card, buying thousands of dollars in plex, and donating the isk to new players so that they can afford to buy the skillbooks that you are so certain they should have.

Or you can spend hours and hours each day farming them, and handing them out for free.

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Price went back to something affordable. Time to buy :slight_smile:

I paid like 200something MILLlON just for the small disintegrator skillbook. Thats hella expensive for a new player. At first I thought it was a Jita market scam so i checked with corp mates. Turns out it’s just a rare item. Skillbooks shouldnt be rare!

Supply vs demand. Less items seeded by CCP = better economy.
Look at new edencom skill books. CCP made them instant buy from character sheet with absurdly low price compared to market and they ruined player market for them.

Also if you can afford omega and have SP for t2 weapons on trig ships you probably aren’t new player.

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