Trig skills and mods drop rates far too low

Triglavian ships, skills, and mods are disproportionately priced compared to everything else in the game… frigate skill books cost 650 million isk, weapons cost 60-100 million… theres no logical reason for frigate skills and mods to cost that much. the ships are not that much better, if better at all to comparable faction ships yet stuff costs 50-100x as much to buy and train.
you guys need to up the drop rates by about 1000-1500% and they would still be by far the most expensive ships, modules, and skills in the game for frigates.

Boycott it.

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Cost =/= power.

Supply may improve with the new space. May just need more time.

pffft where were you when they cost 1+ billion? STFU and thank your stars they are cheaper.

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They’ve allegedly removed the old abyss supply. So if anything it’ll get worse especially if they reset standings

As Daichi said, their power is balanced by their cost. But if you truly believe that their power doesn’t justify the price, then the obvious answer is to simply not fly them.

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