Skill book is too expensive

“Small Disintegrator Specialization” Medium Disintegrator Specialization”The skill book is too expensive and has exceeded all weapon systems. I hope that the npc space station can be sold. The price has been seriously exceeded the acceptable range. This is unreasonable.

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Have you tried running abyssal sites until you get the drop you want?


They are a rare drop from Abyssal Filaments. NPC stations will never have them.

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Player driven market with player sourced commodities.

Once the demand drops the price will lower accordingly.


Just a note, you may be waiting a while if you wait for the price to come down. The drop is rare and the content to get it is tough. The supply vs demand has stayed strong.

Small Book

Medium Book


Prices will stay high because the bots can’t cope. And since the use-this-doctrin-and-F1,F2,F3-crowd never had to learn how the game works most of those can’t cope either.

Given the amount of ISK one can pull out of even T4s reasonable players don’t have to run them much to pay the bills. You always have the risk to lose your investment so only running them when you have to makes perfect sense. CCP might finally found a way to deal with RMTers that actually works.

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EvE is not for you.


Are you suggesting that EvE if full of Greedy, Unreasonable People? Never!!!

They drop in t3 - that can be done in a 300mil Gila and you make profit while farming for it.
Half a year from now it will be woth 5 mil once most people who want it got it.
Either pay, get it yourself or wait untill it’s cheaper.

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pssh thats pocket change, you should look at astronautic engineering for 50b

I would give it a month or so. The blackout is driving a lot of people to quit null-sec mining/ratting to do other things. Odds are many of them will switch to things like Abyssal running instead. Prices may start dropping as more of these things get pulled out of Abyssal space.

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can i have ur stuff?


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