Astronautic Engineering

Kinda struggling to figure out what this skillbook is actually worth these days.

Would appreciate a heads up, and maybe directions toward somebody who might be interested!

Next to nothing.

This skill has no practical application for capsuleers, and proficiency in its use conveys little more than bragging rights.

It’s literally worthless, except as a collectors item. Was used for something ages ago but no longer.

I can see one on market for like 60 bill but that’s ridiculous. You can always put it up on market for however much ISK you are willing to gamble with in fees, in the hopes some collector with more ISK then sense comes along.

Glad to see randoms on this forums still know nothing.

Jita market says 4 of them got sold this year, for prices ranging from 20 to 50b. Considering it’s kinda the same rarity as the mobile refinery skillbook, I’d say those prices are a bit high, but nevertheless, you now have a proper range in case you want advertise it on the forums or make an auction.

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