Triglavian Skill books

I think it’s time CCP takes a look at the drop rates for the weapon specialization books.

Small disintegrator specialization- 500 mill
Medium distintegrator specialization- 539 million
Large disintegrator specialization - 139 million.

For comparison
Capital ships book - 450 million.

So CCP look at the balance of the skill books and drops for this.

they are all still dropping and still pretty new… its far too early for them to be looked at. It took something like three years for the SOE line to normalize and needed only small interventions from CCP.

you need to deal with the entire player base that doesn’t have them and wants them buying them competing with a drop rate intended to supply just the natural rate of new players looking to pick them up. This is why even though the large has the lowest drop rate it is already so much cheaper than the small and med.

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I think the “balance” is fine.
They’re new and unique items. You better be willing to pay for them. They’re not supposed to be someone everyone can just willy nilly pick up at a grocery store because they’re bored.

You’ll find the light and medium turret skill books increased when the T2 Trig ships were released.

Same thing happened with the Frigate, Destroyer and Cruiser books.

Basically its greedy players trying to cash in the increased demand for these new T2 ships.

Before the release of these ships the prices matched the standard, where light was the cheapest and heavy the most expensive.

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These are not new. Abyssal space has been around for a year now, well since May of 2018. So this should have relaxed by now, but it hasn’t.

It did… then new ships got released and the skill books spiked again. Also you realise it took the SOR line over three years to normalize right? And that was just a new pirate faction.

Strictly speaking, that was an issue with BPCs, not skill books, so it’s not a direct comparison.

Having said that, I do agree with you. These books are in high demand because Triglavian ships are incredibly popular and there is limited supply because Abyssal Deadspace is annoying, which drives prices up.

Give it some time. Early adopters always pay a premium.

… it is still just supply and demand. And while the demand was kept going via the loss of ships with the SOE it also didn’t start nearly as high. It is the same situation just arrived at it differently. Rather than ships being killed to keep demand up new ships (far better ships) we added to cause demand to spike again. You expect normalization in a year is foolish particularly less than a year after the addition

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CCP almost had it there, they dipped down to below 350 million for about a day. I really think the skill books should drop in invasions. As for the thoughts of new content, Abyssal space has been out for over a year now.

I was surprised to see that the skillbooks weren’t dropping from invasion content. That likely would have driven prices down and generated more interest in the invasion content itself.

And killed interest in abyss content.

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I too was unpleasantly surprised with the skill-book price for T2 small disintegrator’s, 450-500m is a big investment for a frigate sized gun, but i saw potential and payed it anyways all the way up through T2 battleship guns. I like the concept of the hulls so i’m willing to pay a premium, but Lugh is right its going to take a while for the prices to normalize, especially with such enormous demand and reasonably limited access.

Fair point…

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