Where do we get the new triglavian skill book?

(Ld Belial) #1


I am looking for Triglavian Encryption Methods and Triglavian Quantum Engineering skill books. Where can i find them ?
Abyss ? data site ? New triglavian invasion ?
Does anyone has found some ?


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(EscobarRN) #2

you really think that because something was in the patch notes its in the game………

(Ld Belial) #3

Well … Yes … :disappointed_relieved:

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(EscobarRN) #4

jita market has some, guess they drop from the special trig ships in the invasion, cuz they sure as ■■■■ don’t drop from normal trig ships in abyssal space

(Boulder Tsero) #5

Invasion ship loot. Picked up one earlier from a Zoryas fleet Leshak, was considering selling it but unsure of the market price as yet and rarity.

(toby numberone) #6

Can be found in DED lp store but no idea for having Lp with DED