Remote learn Triglavian Skillbooks

So it’s been a while that triglavian ships have been available. it sure would be nice to be able to buy them and learn them the same way we can all the other skills. If titans can be remote learned, triglavians should be as well.

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Remote injection only works for skills that are sold by NPCs. Triglavian skills are not NPC seeded and cannot be remotely injected.


the skills are old enough that npc factions should have them by now.

They’re not though.


Just because you WANT that to be the case doesn’t mean that is how it should work.

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NPC changes have been a frustrating part of eve history for a while now. The storyline doesn’t matter, as nothing changes in game.
NPC’s need to adapt and commit to furthering the story. Players can only effect the story so much.

Why does this adaptation need to come in the form of making Triglavian skillbooks remotely inject-able?


This smells like “lets make up a ■■■■■■■■ story that ends in something that exactly suits what I want”. You’re acting like a 5 year old trying to outlogic his parents as to why he should be given that extra cookie, pro tip: no one is falling for it.


Thank you for your hostility and insults.
When making a point, do you not try to get to there precisely?

In eve, you have 4 major factions that adapt technology to suit their needs. I reference jump gates and titans as an example. Those factions did not create jump gates, they adapted to use them. This is in the lore.
They built titans for a reasons. Again in the lore. They had a need and filled it by progressing technological resources.

Buying skill books iis not necessarily in the lore, as it is something only players do. Being able to buy and inject skill books does not break anything that wasnt broken last year when the change was made for all the other skill books.
Your attitude makes me think you have no intention of participating in a conversation, rather you’re just here to be an edge lord. Good for you.

None of what you said supports the proposition that Triglavian skill books should be made available for remote injection. You gave us a poorly summarized history lesson of the factions.


No. Pretty much the same as the other thread.

‘give me everything naaoow’


Hrm. Perhaps I need some crayon.

The factions adapt technology for general use. Triglavian technology has been seen and experienced in game long enough that the factions should be adapting to it. Capsuleers are at the forefront of that adaptation, as we drive the storyline past where the faction storyline ends.

Correction; Make access to trivial things easier “naaoow”.

Again, nothing you’ve said here supports making triglavian skill books available for remote injection.

You just gave me some eve online fanfiction justifying it after the fact. But never explain why it should be done so in the first place.


The same reason all the other skillbooks were made remote accessible. Quality of life.
Not only would the storyline support it, but it would make it easier for someone with 149 alts to get the skills I want at the moment.

But these aren’t the same as other skill books. The only place you can find them is Abyssal space. Why should ccp change this?


Because a civilization that builds cities in space can surely master the technology of copy/paste.

Again, this is not a reason why ccp should do anything. It’s your fan fiction justifying it after the fact.

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Can you stop using facts, logic and having an understanding of the game. Frankly it’s just a disgusting display of toxicity.

Please, get with the times. It’s the age of feelings and egocentric narcissism where we can mold reality through bogus logic. Because we want to, because we deserve it. All you’re doing is just perpetuating the patriarchy.


You cant because its lore that you cant?

Seems to cut both ways to me.