"EVE Invasion" update: critical opinion

I would like to put here few critical comments about latest patch (May, 28th, 2019 “Eve Invasion”)

1. Re skill books: “Triglavian Encryption Methods”, “Triglavian Quantum Engineering”.
Where am i supposed to get them ?
Ok, i am opening “Eve launcher” app, click on promotional picture and i am lead to that page:

Hmm…nothing helpfull on that page.
Ok, i am going straight to “updates” section of your website here:
and will try find what i need to know

ok, looks like i’ve found. section is named " [Triglavian Industry Changes]"(https://updates.eveonline.com/card/4CAar/triglavian-industry-changes/)

and? i see generic information…hmm

ok, i will go to “Patch Notes” section of your website

and again i don’t see information about how to get them…

well guys, i’ve visited 3 different pages with 3 different texts about everything except most practical part: how to get these skill books

sorry, i’m not going to waste my time and search in official dev blogs and other websites…that’s too much for me (and many others, i think)

I would like to ask CCP: can you please next time write explicitely where we are supposed to get new items and what we are supposed to do?

  1. Re “Datacore - Triglavian Quantum Engineering”
    Same story as with skill books

  2. Re “Lattice Locked Dekaisogen” and other new Tech II components:
    Same story as with skill books
    And also i would like to ask: Why these components are placed in market under section
    "Components / Advanced Components / Amarr" ???

All Amarr Tech II components are producable from moon materials and all of them have blue prints buyable on NPC station.

In current state of things section like “Material / Salvage Materials / Triglavian Materials” would be more logical.

That’s all for now.

Thank you.

Explore, it is the better part of the game.


If you are too dumb to figure out that CCP has a dedicated feedback thread then there is little hope of you figuring out the industry stuff. So sit back and wait until EVE Uni publishes an article on it.


Did make me lol

re-read my post: i’ve visited 3 different places

why am i supposed to read something else? dev blogs, feedback blogs…
why not to put all info in patch notes ? just add few words which will give at least a clue what to do, what to expect?

did you ever meet such online products (no matter what, game, business software, whatever) where search of answer takes endless walking in circles of links (URLs) ??

oh yes, i did exploration…i’ve wasted 3 hours triple boxing (2x leshaks + nestor) so called “Invasion” in Haatomo.
also checked what happened in abyssal

but frankly, after 3 latest events done in a same manner i won’t waste my time on next event and will just ignore… i’d rather let CCP explore what they’ve done :wink:

Even if you are only somewhat familiar with EVE industry the detail provided in the patch notes and dev blog is more than sufficient.

I have met many people whose limited intellectual capacity made it very hard for them to understand information. In general I would not recommend EVE to these people; they are better of playing Bejeweled or somesuch.


That is not what he said.

Reported for trolling.

Let’s see,triglavian stuff.Where can you fight triglavians? It’s very hard I can’t figure it out…

NotTheSmartestCookie: can you give straight link to details then? Without shitposting here…

There’s a feedback thread for this. Please post there.


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