Where to buy skillbooks

I want to buy “Capital Industrial Ships” and “Deep Core Mining” without paying the +30% remote injection fee (or player market prices), where can I find those? I tried looking at the global market and LP stores guides with no luck

Almost positive those books are seeded by Ore excavations.
So that would be somewhere in NPC nul sec.

There are a number of skills that CCP removed from NPC seeding and has never mentioned this in the patch notes or explained why they did it. If they were seeded by ORE, they’d be listed on EVEMarketer or Fuzzworks LP store page if they came from the ORE LP store.


That’s the two sources I looked at with no luck, so chance is that those were just removed?

Most likely. @Steve_Ronuken may know

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No idea I’m afraid.

It looks like they used to be sold by NPCs


you know this game used to be INTERESTING
you need a book - you travel to Dangerous Areas to get it

not any more

for now degenerative devs decided to remove that part from the game.
no feature - no expences to support it

just add skill to queueueueue and it gives you chance to buy it right away

Absolute nonsense.

You can still trace the galaxy in search of skill books. You are even rewarded for doing so by getting them 30% cheaper.

If you don’t wish to do so, you can directly inject most books by paying a premium.

So go to the library or download it on your Kindle. It YOUR CHOICE.

I like choice in my sandbox games.


no you cant

your fantasies are not from this game

you can find npc seeded stuff on evemarketer

Do you want to support that with some facts?

I described exactly how books are seeded in the game.
If you want to tell me i am delusional, you need to support that.

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That’s what I wanted to do, but it looks like the books in question do not exist anymore, and can only be remotely injected

What books are you looking for?

As OP has mentioned in his first post, e.g. Deep core mining and capital industrial ship. Here are the evemarketer links:

It is the same for other skills like:

It is also clearly visible in the price history, that those skills don’t have any NPC sell orders anymore since the beginning of December 2021.

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Hi Lodemai.

This issue was fixed in the patch notes today!


That wasn’t interesting. It was trash.

it is clearly visible I WAS RIGHT

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