Core skills

is there a way to buy a discounted bundle of core skills in eve

Have someone give you skill books.

Otherwise they are sold on the market at the hubs, no discounts

Buy them in NPC school stations. They are cheaper there than bought via the character window’s skill overview. And look for these books in Jita and Amarr. Some of them are available there for even cheaper prices than NPC school station prices.

Behold the future…

Exactly what I was thinking. Dude’s not only interested in just buying a bundle, but he wants it for cheaper too.

OP, if you want convenience, you pay for other people to give it to you. Go to Jita, you can buy pretty much any list of skillbooks you want there.

If you do manage to find a silver spoon, it probably has a scam attached to the other side of it, which is Eve.

Do we still need to do that? Can’t we just buy the skill from anywhere now?

I think @Mike_Azariah has some on contracts, but I’m not sure.

for 30% over the standard price and OP asked for “cheaper”.

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I have some skill books that I carry now and again but a lot became useless when the latest npe came along.


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Hey Moron, oh, my bad, Old_perv, i was trying to find out if there were new skill packs with all basic core skills in one that could be purchased and loaded as one, Im sorry if this strained your patience with the question. I dont need a discoount , but as far as I remember , I didnt get to 150 bil on this toon by paying full price for anything . Was just asking. I didnt mean to start a circle jerk with you as the pivot man , but , hey , i see from several of the replies thats just what I did.

Jimmies rustled


Jimmies definitely rustled.

Soo… you asked for it, but when you later realize the stupidity of the ask, you try and backtrack and say “you don’t need it”?

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. You can be my butt buddy too if you want?


“Ha I MADE money from you blowing me up. So HA!”

Similar :logic:

DIDs on his stuff when he leaves.

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Don’t take spelling for granite.


Ah, I see what you did there.

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