[INVESTMENT] into the future of Alphas

(Svetlana Moscovich) #1

Having trained up an alpha pilot, one thing kept nagging me: many of the skill books were absurdly marked up in Jita.

I get it, it’s a free market, but when you’re looking down the barrel of an 800% markup on a skill book, it’s quite the turn-off. I also am aware than most of the skill books can be purchased within a few jumps of Jita, but when newbros join the game, they’re told from the start that Jita is the place to go for all your needs.

Let’s do away with this burden to new players, it’s hard enough for them already.

What I’m proposing is an Alpha Skillbook Collective, but I need the help of other kind-hearted folks.

The collective will purchase and haul the skillbooks that alphas use in to Jita and list them at cost, but buying all those skill books isn’t cheap. Subtracting the cost of skillbooks that only come from LP sources, each new alpha will need to spend approximately 23 million isk to buy over 100 skillbooks if they purchase from NPC sell orders - if they purchase from Jita player sell orders, they’re looking to pay at least double that.

What I need from you is a donation.

For the low amount of one billion isk, we can buy the skillbooks required for 43 new alpha players. Your donation will 100% go towards the purchase of these skillbooks, and as they get sold, it will be recycled into purchasing even more skillbooks to keep the market stocked. None of this isk will go towards the subsidization of omega skillbooks, or line my pockets or the pockets of anyone else involved. This is a humanitarian effort, aimed at making Eve a more attractive investment for new players.

The Alpha Skillbook Collective is not a for-profit venture; it will run solely on the donations of players who would like new alphas to find Eve a slightly less harsh place to be, and maybe stick around for the long-run and become Omega.

If you would like to make a donation to help this cause, and any amount would be appreciated, please do so to corp: Alpha Skillbook Collective (ticker: ALSC.)

(Ijon-Tichy) #2
  • I started last year and had no problem figuring out that most skill books are cheaper 2 jumps out of jita. If you can’t comprehend what “price is lower” and “2 jumps from here” means you won’t last long in EVE anyway.
  • Wouldn’t it be better to just spread the information to newbies, that you buy anything that gets sold by NPC from 300days+ sellorders?
  • I should donate so stupid players don’t have to make 2 jumps like I do? Sry. Nope.

(Cat Evergreen) #3

New players start in a station of their school where NPC skillbook sell orders are available. As part of the tutorial they get send to the career agents where and then taught how to use the market with NPC skillbook sellers nearby.
Just 2 jumps out of Jita is another school with NPC skillbook sell orders. Until a new player needs all skillbooks available to him as alpha he hopefully has interacted with the market enough to realize that he needs to look regionwide to find the cheapest sell order for items on the market.

TL;DR: I don’t think high skillbook prices in Jita are really a problem for new players.

(Estemaire Dopplebanger) #4

There is no such thing in eve.

(Madras Dawnkeeper) #5

Being in a corp that accepts newbies I see some problems with this:

  • most of the newbies profiting from this will leave the game after just a few days
  • if they don’t want to think for themselves that early then they never will and will only be a problem for their corps later
  • they will expect to be treated like this later on, same problem as above

As an Eve player I see this problem:

  • Listing them at buy value will only lead to the guy listing at outrageous prices to have free logistics (Buy your order and relist higher)

(Svetlana Moscovich) #6

This I had not considered. A small markup to make it a nuisance for others to bulk buy/resell may be necessary.

As for newbies profiting off these particular books, there’s plenty of other skill books, not to mention plenty of other items they can profit off on the market.

Regardless, the waters seem very cold on this so I might start the whole thing on my own and leave it at that. If it works, I’ll be back in a month to post results and show proof of my intention.

(Alderson Point) #7

Far far easier is fill up a tanked cloaky with Alpha skillbooks purchased from the nearby school npc store, and take it to Jita, and sell with a 10% markup to cover costs, undercutting the speculators and driving them out of the market. (Ensuring you have an instadock bookmark)

Rinse and repeat until the speculators realise buying them up is a really bad idea.

Problem solved and you need no donations.

(Cista2) #8

Why the hell would new players be in Jita looking for skillbooks, that makes no sense at all. There is noone telling new players to go to Jita for that.

(Elgon Smitehand) #9

Okay. Lets assume you are 100% correct and these skillbooks would actually help alpha players (which is obviously not true). Your whole venture was poorly thought out but I’m not here for that. I’m just here to criticize you with the cynical mind of an Eve player. Who are you and why should I give you my ISK worth my time and effort. First of all, you’re in Co2 and have been playing for 6 years and have not one post on these forums, or the old forums. Why should I trust you with this ISK? Is it not much safer to have a trusted member of the community form this fund? You haven’t provided answers to any of these questions. Maybe JitaPu will donate.

(Chainsaw Plankton) #10

Buy skillbooks and do a 3-5% markup to cover the taxes, not quite as charitable but, covers the costs.

Also I assume most of the people buying skillbooks in trade hubs are established players who don’t mind paying extra for the convenience.

(Awkward Sanchez) #11

Here’s a different proposal:
Send me that isk. I’ll give you a monthly imterest rate for as long as I hold it. Then you can distribute your profits over any number of pubbies as you please.

(yellow parasol) #12

you’d help new players, and retention, way more if you took them on an adventure that gets their hearts going. no noob buys skillbooks for 23m# million isk all at once and the early game is supposed to help them make the necessary money on the way.

(Fannie Anathema) #13

If someone fancies doing that I’m happy to take a 10-20b to seed jita around cost for alpha skillbooks.