CareBear screed about skill deletion

I would like a feature added to the game to delete a skill once all its skillpoints have been extracted (and the relevant certificates should also be deleted). I know this issue has been beaten to death, but I suspect many EVE players are as OCD as I am and would like this to be implemented. Perhaps add it to the NES and charge a dollar each or something. What do you all think ?

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That you should have used the search function before posting. CCP answered with “why would we do this” and “we’re not going to spend any time on that”.


What Linus said.

Oh. And this is general discussion, not “Player Features and Ideas”.

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Sorry, I’m not sure how to search for forum topics or select forum categories. I’m an older player, but new to these forums.

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No major worries, it happens frequently. I kind of wish the mods would sticky a readme thread in GD with a link to the PF&I subthread for this very reason.

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Top right corner, click on the magnifier.
However your suggestion predates these forums and you’re likely better off searching the old ones. But your question has been answered by CCP and they said they’re not going to do it.

Did CCP give a good reason for not doing it? Now that I’ve suggested a way to monetize it, perhaps they will reconsider.

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How much would the feature cost to make compared to how many of this option would sell?
Why would a normal player PAY to remove skillbooks they bought?

  • They may change their mind later.
  • It lowers the value of the character (probably not by much, TBH) should a player decide to bazaar it.
  • Most just won’t care.

I’m just not seeing the population that would purchase this option.
Got any numbers?

–Gadget the packrat

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Im more OCD about my actual money than some empty skill slot.


Would an alternative option just be to buy and inject every skill?

All I remember is that CCP didn’t think it worth the development time and it was pretty much non-sense and they wouldn’t understand why someone would do that. Fairly certain it was @CCP_Rise that posted that, over on the old forums. Should be easy to find if you do some digging.

Extract all points from a skill, then remove that injected skill, turn it back into a skillbook to sell or trade.


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See, yet another golden opportunity to use the search function.

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