Let us remove unwanted skill books

It’s the time of year again. It has been suggested over the years, over and over. So here goes again:

Please add an option to the skill sheet to permanently remove skill books. The skills would have to be at level zero, with zero skill points learned (to prevent accidental removal).

And before the nay sayers come:

  • No refunds.
  • No nothing.
  • Just for OCD.

It doesn’t hurt anyone. It’s simple to implement. Since we already have skill point extraction, please give us skill book removal.

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This request seems perfectly harmless!

Later that day…

Goons destroy half of new eden when they discover the code is wonky and skill book extracting anyone, via the game map only requires pushing two buttons.


I see no problem with this request and support it.

(We should still keep a close eye on the goons though, just in case). :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Please. I want to remove some crappy skills i accidentally injected and my caracter looks retarded now.
In addition. It sohuld require a “checkbox” where you have to type “ReMoVe SkIlLpOiNtS” to have skills with sp removed.

Yes please, want to be looking at a clean character sheet.

  • Most have 0 skills points in said skill.
  • Skill book destroyed on extraction.
  • Want it back?, buy said skill book.
  • No crying to CCP that its gone since you have to verify deletion.
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The reason why this idea is ■■■■■■■ stupid is corp recruitment and spy games.
As it stands now, one can see lvl 0 injected skills on ESI, they are usualy leftovers from skill extraction. If they could be removed, corp recruiters woulden’t have any solid way to tell a recycled alt from a new player.

Just cope with your OCD and know that those lvl 0 skills serve a bigger purpose.

Unfortunately I do not care enough about EVE to care about this request.

Is it really THAT much of a big issue when you hover over your skill list?


As a side affect have the character portrait face look a little like stroke victim as you pull unused skills from head :stuck_out_tongue:

- Fully Support the removal of dead skills even if it costs to do it after all nothing is free :stuck_out_tongue:

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