Destroy or extract empty skillbooks

Extraction of SP is all fine and good but trying to redesign a character by shifting it’s SP say from one area to another will leave alot of empty skill books behind.
This is something that greatly triggers me as I enjoy having all V skills in a character and having these deadweight empty skillbooks just is plain ugly on the character sheet.
Please allow us to be able to destroy or extract empty skillbooks.


A. Extracting then would be pretty worthless with the exception of trig books since they are NPC seeded.
B. Wouldn’t destroying them just be a waste of ISK anyways? I’m All for it if you really really want to
C. Isn’t there an option in your character sheet that just shows you your skills and not the blank ones? Or does it show the injected ones too?

I’m totally on board with this for the exact same reason. <3

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