Price Check on Returning Old Account 58m sp

I’m an old returning player and would like to get a price check on this 58m sp character. Original owner.

EveSkillboard - Reign19k pw is reign123
Reign19k | Character | zKillboard

Also, with the current skill extraction and injecting, is it ever worth extracting/injecting to clean up a characters skills or is this generally not worth the cost?

Edit: Killboard Provided

above 50 mil, skill injectors only give out 300k SP, gets less after 80m
Extractors remove 500k.

before 5 mil isk, you can inject up to 500k
but you cannot extract until 5.5mil.

between 5mil-50mil injectors only give 400k.

So really its all dependent on how connected you are to the char and placements of skills if you think it would be worth it to extract then reinject while losing 100-200k SP at a time.

I see. Makes sense. I just figured since this was my original main account, some skills (trade,planetary,etc) were needed while I functioned in null space and needed to be somewhat self sufficient.

Good point about the net loss. I don’t see it being worth the cost to extract level 3 and 4 skills and taking a large sp loss just to move the more trivial skills into something else.

there’s a lot of changes coming, P1 resources being added to moons, a buff/nerf to mining ships,orca and rorq included,

its not a bad toon, good foundation. what kind of gameplay are you interested in that you feel you want to re-balance your skills?

O.C.D haha… I’ve actually had a chance to catch up on what I was doing with the character before I went on a long EvE hiatus … Before I left, having wasted sp was a bad thing and could devalue a character. With the “new for me” extraction and injection, it matters much less now I suppose.

The >1m wasted sp on this toon is not worth the cost however. Unless I was to put it into another low sp character.

I’ve been able to figure out what the account is worth as far as extractors but now I’m curious as to how much a 2010 account, respectable KB and corp history and decent skill training adds to a character.

The character appears to be a skilled subcap pilot and is well on the way to becoming a dread/titan seat warmer. I’m sure these things add more value than its extraction value correct?

ehhh, in the right context. with the right buyer, sure. but as a rule these things are worth extractor value plus a bit extra.

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