Mining Barge Skill Book

Is there something wrong with the Mining Barge Skill Book NPC stock? Just looking at eve marketer and it only has 40 in total across 9 stations only. Books sold by NPCs are generally 500ish.

Exhumers aren’t seeded anymore either. Judging by the price history on evemarketer, this happened around 11 december 2021. I can’t find anything in the patch notes about removed skillbook seeding of these books.


could be a bug from the update for barges…

You can directly inject it from skill window though. Not sure if it’s a bug or a feature. Btw same happened also with rorqual skill book.

Hey thanks, I didn’t think about looking at the history

So I’m a returning player, do you not need to go and pickup the skill book anymore?

Also do Devs check this form? Should I post a ticket? I had a new player join my corp today, so I didn’t pick this up as an issue.

some skillbooks have been changed i believe to where you can only buy from the skill window, so that does cut down on traveling, but they also tend to be a bit pricier (paying for convenience)
but there are others, that you cannot get from the skill window and have to seek them out.

some books arent being seeded anymore, because you can buy them directly from the skill tree. skill books arent a good market anymore.

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