Gallente & Minmatar Industrial skillbooks missing from NPC stations

Subject says it all. The skillbooks that are typically available for Minmatar and Gallente Industrial are missing from NPC stations/sellers including the starter systems. Amarr and Caldari are still present but those races have turned up missing.

I have submitted a ticket.

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Exhumers missing as well now.

Just tried to find this and was so confused how nothing was available. Thought maybe my market was bugged and I flew directly to the NPC station and it was totally gone. Thought someone had maybe attempted to corner the market on this.

@Mike_Azariah @Brisc_Rubal

Sounds like a weird bug.

That does sound weird. I will ask on Monday.


there is a number of blueprints that have vanished from npc stations too.
giant secure containers for instance.

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Wish I’d thought to google this before flying to all the Gallente rookie systems with an alt. I do hope they aren’t trying to make everything direct inject only (if they want to increase the price just increase the seed price and also the direct inject price to further increase the isk sink). The direct inject kind of removes a form of the gameplay if they make it the only option (or even if they price it too low when compared to the seeded station prices), we want folks out flying ships and doing stuff.

I didn’t realize some BPO’s had disappeared as well, wonder what part of the code lead to this weird bug? I’d like to read the bug report on how the various components clashed to cause this (legacy EvE bugs are kind of fun to read about as a sort of blooper reel and as a reminder of what it takes to keep EvE running).

Maybe they can add the missing stuff to the New Eden Store.

find anything out about this?